You may only think about the design and mechanism while buying a wall clock. However, the clock should be easy to read, and without selecting the proper, it is tough to get what you need.

24 and 30 sizes are two common wall clock sizes, and they fall in the category of medium-sized and large-sized wall clocks respectively. You can have clear timekeeping and decorate the wall by purchasing the right clock size.

Whether you need a clock for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room, or hall room, you must choose the correct size. The space you have in the room and on the wall are the two main factors that impact the size of the clock.

24 vs. 30 clock size on wall

What design should a 24 size clock have?

24 size wall clocks are mostly known as medium-sized clocks. For precise timekeeping with quartz movement and decoration, these are the most perfect choice for any buyer. Here are some distinguishing designs of a 24 size wall clock.

  1. It has an easy-to-read dial.
  2. The frame comes with stainless steel construction.
  3. It can have either Arabic or Roman numerals.
  4. The handles and markers are bold.
  5. These clocks operate through quartz movement.
  6. It has a hanging slot on the back.
  7. Typically has a rounded shape.
  8. It comes with a less traditional but contemporary design.

The purpose of 24 size clocks is to ensure proper timekeeping. As a result, users look for clarity on the clock dial. The dial comes covered with glass for a better-angled view. The bold handles and numerals ensure an easy-to-read wall clock.

You need to decide whether you have enough space on the wall to hang a 24 size clock or not. Even if you have, you must choose the size proportional to room space. These clocks are mostly suitable in living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Design of a 30 size wall clock

30 size wall clocks offer you a frameless clock design. This is because of the giant size and decorative design. This type of clock is bought more for decoration than timekeeping. However, you should go through the features of these clocks first.

  1. The clocks are typically frameless.
  2. It doesn’t have any glass protection on the dial.
  3. It has 3D numerals and handles.
  4. They offer an antique look on the wall.
  5. These clocks have decorative value.
  6. Sometimes, they come with a handcrafted design.
  7. It can have a silent, non-ticking pendulum.

Most users love to go for handcrafted wall clocks when they need an oversized one for decoration. Also, one can create an oversized clock using quartz movement and 3D markers with handles on the spacious wall.

Talking about the decoration, 30 size wall clocks will go on to suit well on the large hall rooms. Other than hall rooms, you can also hang them on the dining wall or any other spacious place in the house.

Comparison between 24 & 30 size wall clock

Neither 24 nor 30 size clocks are small-sized. Even, sometimes both these sizes are considered as large-sized wall clocks. However, we have kept 24 in the mid-size category and 30 in the large-size category.

Both these clocks have differences in their designs and functionalities. Also, they have some similarities. Now, let’s go through the comparison chart below to clear all confusion.


24 size clock

30 size clock


Stainless steel or aluminum

Frameless design


Glass protected

No glass protection

Numerals and handles

Bold Roman or Arabic numerals & handles

3D Arabic or Roman numerals and handles


AA battery (typically)

AA battery (typically)



Metal pendulum 


Contemporary look

Antique look


Typically rounded shape

Abstract shape

30-size clocks come mainly to fulfill the decorative purpose of the user, whereas 24 size clocks put importance on timekeeping. The addition of the pendulum is definitely one of the promising sides of 30 size clocks.

Although they have a decorative look, they ensure an easy-to-read dial by including 3D markers and handles. With the handcrafted antique design, these clocks fit any spacious wall nicely.

Benefits and drawbacks of 24 size wall clock

A 24 size clock is a mid-sized wall clock, and it enhances the beauty of the wall with accurate timekeeping. However, it offers some more benefits why users love to rely on this type of wall clock.

  1. It is easy to hang on the wall using the allotted slot.
  2. The clocks are easy to read.
  3. It ensures precise timekeeping with the quartz movement.
  4. The strong frame construction enhances the longevity of the clock.
  5. Users can choose from both Arabic and Roman numerals.
  6. It has glass protection on the dial.

Even though the clock seems beneficial to most users, some are still not satisfied because of the drawbacks.

  1. The clocks don't offer much-handcrafted design.
  2. It is not a perfect choice for decoration.
  3. It becomes hard to read the time from a distance sometimes.
  4. Having a ticking sound makes it annoying for most users.

Benefits and drawbacks of 30 size wall clock

A 30 size clock is mostly known for its decorative value because of the oversized design. It can either come with a pendulum or without a pendulum. The clock with the pendulum will have a comparatively smaller dial. Here are some of the benefits you need to know.

  1. Users can choose their design because they offer handcraft.
  2. 3D markers and handles offer clarity.
  3. It comes in various shapes.
  4. The addition of a pendulum enhances the clock’s beauty.
  5. It covers a large space on the wall.
  6. The clock is easy to read from a distance.

Nothing is perfect, not even this oversized wall clock. Even after working as a perfect decorative wall clock, users seem to complain about the clock in such ways.

  1. It doesn’t have any strong frame construction.
  2. The addition of the pendulum makes the dial window small.
  3. It doesn’t have any hanging slots.
  4. The dial comes without any glass protection.

How to hang a 24 & 30 size wall clock?

When you are purchasing a wall clock with a frame, you will get a hanging slot on the back of the clock. It makes half of your work done. Now rest is to drill a screw on the wall and hang the clock. Follow the below steps to complete the process perfectly.

  1. The clock must remain at eye level.
  2. Choose a suitable eye level place on the wall.
  3. Now take a pencil and mark the place to drill.
  4. Use the drill machine and put the screw on the wall.
  5. Then, put the clock using the allotted slot.


What is the average size of a wall clock?

The average size of a wall clock is 12 inches in diameter. However, the size ranges from as low as 6 inches to as high as 32 inches. Wall clocks measuring less than 12 inches are considered small-sized. 12 to 24 inches ones are mid-sized.

And 24 to 32 inches wall clocks are called large wall clocks or oversized wall clocks.

What is the purpose of using wall clocks?

The main purpose of wall clocks is easy timekeeping. However, larger wall clocks are good for decoration as well.

Are large wall clocks better than medium-sized clocks?

It depends on the users' purpose, if the decoration is what he needs then larger ones are better. However, mid-sized ones will go well to provide accurate timekeeping.

Does the color of the wall affect the wall clock size choosing?

Nope, the wall color doesn’t affect the wall clock size. The space on the wall is what matters while choosing the clock size.

Final words

Before you decide to purchase 24 or 30 size clocks, you should know for what you are buying the clock. It will let you decide easily which one of these clock types you need.

  1. 24 inches wall clocks for timekeeping.
  2. 30 inches wall clocks for decoration.
  3. 30 inches ones can have a pendulum.
  4. 24 inches ones have glass protection on the dial.
  5. 30 inches clocks are frameless.

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