The latest version of the Apple Watch is the Apple watch series 6 and it weighs around 47.1 grams or 1.66 ounces. Well, that’s only one weight of this series of the watch. The size and the materials used to construct the watch differs the weight.

Apple didn't launch the watch in one variant, rather it made several variants depending on the materials and size. So there is a variation in the weight of these variants. There are so many models of watches Apple has launched so far. You will also find the weight of those watches here.

Apple watch weight

Materials used to design the Apple watch series 6

Apple watch weight 2

There are three editions of the Apple watch series 6 depending on the materials used to design it. The three editions are made of stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. The weight of these editions also varied a lot. Now let’s have a deep look at these editions.

  • Stainless steel edition: Stainless steel is a strong material that makes the Apple watch series 6 durable. This edition of watches has a Sapphire glass front design. It is the heavier version among all the editions of this series weighing around 39.7 grams to 47.1 grams.
  • The charging puck of this edition is designed with stainless steel topped. The casing is harder here and it is less prone to scratches. However, if somehow it gets scratches, it will easily noticeable. This edition will provide the user with a classic look.
  • However, there is something that some users might not like about this watch. It weighs more than the other editions. Then, there are only three color variants available in gold, silver, and graphite. It is a bit pricier compared to the aluminum edition.
  • Aluminum edition: The aluminum edition of the Apple watch series 6 offers you a lighter watch. This watch weighs around 30.5 grams to 36.5 grams. It comes with an Ion-X strengthened glass front, which is softer and less durable than the glass used in the stainless steel edition.
  • The charging port of the aluminum edition comes with a plastic build. You are not going to get a harder casing here and it is quite prone to scratches. There are five colors available in the watch, silver, space gray, gold, blue, and Product (Red).
  • The first thing users like about this edition are the lightweight nature. Moreover, the color variants allow the user to choose one from a huge color collection. Again, it is less expensive than the stainless steel edition.
  • Titanium edition: If the customer wants something, which is strong and also lightweight, the titanium edition is the best option to purchase. The watches included in this edition weigh around 34.6 grams to 41.3 grams, which is lighter than stainless steel but heavier than aluminum.
  • The titanium edition of the watch comes with a sapphire crystal glass front design. It is less prone to scratches and chipping. The material is also corrosion-resistant and non-toxic, which is not harmful to the user’s skin. It comes in two color variants, natural titanium and space black.
  • Likewise, the stainless steel edition this edition also provides enough strength in the construction that makes it a suitable choice for rough users. Though the cost of this edition is a bit on the higher side, it is worthy to choose. Because this edition offers the mixed features of both aluminum and stainless steel editions.

Sizes of the Apple watch

The latest version of the Apple Watch comes in two sizes, 40 mm and 44 mm. Likewise, the Apple watch series 6, Apple watch series 4 and 5 had two sizes of 40 mm and 44 mm. However,  the first three versions had a bit smaller sizes, 38 mm and 42 mm. 

The size also impacts the weight of the watches alongside the materials. The size is mainly defined by the height of the watch display.

  • 44 mm: It is the largest size of cases used in Apple watches and the Apple series 4, 5, and 6 come in these two sizes. The width of a 44 mm watch is 38 mm and the depth is 10.7 mm.
  • The weight of these watches ranges from 36.5 grams to 47.9 grams. If the case is made of stainless steel, the weight will range from 47.1 grams to 47.9 grams. Meanwhile, an aluminum case is way lightweight than stainless steel and the weight ranges from 36.5 grams to 36.7 grams.
  • However, another material used in the case is titanium that is a bit heavier than aluminum. Its weight ranges from 41.3 grams to 41.7 grams. Ceramic is another heavier material used to construct the case and it weighs 46.7 grams.  
  • 42 mm: This size is common in series 1, 2, and 3 Apple watches. The width of these watches is 36.4 mm and the depth is 11.4 mm. When it is made of stainless steel, it weighs around 52.4 grams to 52.8 grams.
  • The aluminum constructed ones are far lighter compared to the stainless steel ones weighing around 30 grams to 34.9 grams. White ceramic was another material used for this, and the weight ranges from 39.6 grams to 46.4 grams.
  • 40 mm: It is the smaller size for the Apple series of 4,5, and 6. The width here is 34 mm and the depth is 10.7 mm. The stainless steel case weighs around 39.7 grams to 40.6 grams. Meanwhile, the aluminum ones weigh around 30.1 grams to 30.8 grams.
  • Another common case material is titanium, which comes with a weight of 35.1 grams to 34.6 grams. The Apple series 5 used ceramic as one of the case materials and it weighed 39.7 grams.
  • 38 mm: It is the smallest size among all Apple watches and was used in series 1, 2, and 3. Stainless steel case weighs around 41.9 grams to 42.4 grams. The aluminum cases weigh less than this, which ranges from 25 grams to 28.7 grams.
  • Meanwhile, white ceramic is on the heavier side weighing around 39.6 mm to 40.1 mm.

First-generation Apple watch Series weight

The first-generation Apple watch is known as the Apple series 1 and Apple used only aluminum to design the watch. However, there are two size variants available. The 38 mm variant weighs 25 grams and the 42 mm variant weighs 30 grams.

Apple watch series 2 weight

Apple launched their second watch series named the Apple watch series 2. It has three different cases, stainless steel, aluminum, and white ceramic. Moreover, there are two size variants available as well, 38 mm, and 42 mm.

  • The 38 mm stainless steel case weighs 41.9 grams and the 42 mm weighs 52.4 grams.
  • The 38 mm aluminum case weighs 28.2 grams and the 42 mm weighs 34.2 grams.
  • The white ceramic case for 38 mm weighs 39.6 grams and 45.6 grams for the 42 mm variant.

Apple watch series 3 weight

The Apple watch series 3 comes in the same three material variants and two size variants as the series 2. If you want to know is Is Apple watch series 3 waterproof see this another post.

  • The stainless steel case weighs 42.4 grams for 38 mm and 52.8 grams for 42 mm.
  • The aluminum has two more variants, GPS and GPS+cellular. The case weight of the 38 mm GPS version is 26.7 grams and the GPS+cellular is 28.7 grams. The weight of the 42 GPS version is 32.3 grams and the GPS+cellular version is 34.9 grams.
  • Meanwhile, the white ceramic case weighs 40.1 grams for 38 mm and 46.4 grams for 42 mm.

Apple watch series 4 weight

The Apple watch series 4 has two size variants and two materials variants as well.

  • 40 mm stainless steel case weighs 39.8 grams and 44 mm weighs 47.9 grams.
  • Meanwhile, the 40 mm aluminum case weighs 30.1 grams and 44 mm weighs 36.7 grams.

Apple watch series 5 weight

There are also two size variants, but four different case materials in the Apple watch series 5.

  • The 40 mm stainless steel case weighs 40.6 grams and the 44 mm case weighs 47.8 grams.
  • The 40 mm aluminum case weighs 30.8 grams and the 44 mm case weighs 36.5 grams.
  • The 40 mm titanium case weighs 35.1 grams and the 44 mm case weighs 41.7 grams.
  • The 40 mm ceramic case weighs 39.7 grams and the 44 mm case weighs 46.7 grams.

Whether you want a lightweight or heavyweight watch, it's completely up to you. But after readin this article, I don’t think you have any questions regarding the weight of Apple watches.

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