Are you a Ben 10 lover who wants to have the same costume as Ben 10 at the next party? But without wearing a Ben 10 watch on the wrist, the whole party costume will remain unfinished. The design and functionalities of this watch provide a realistic feel to its users.

Our top pick Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix has more than 100 alien phrases. All the watches from Ben 10 come with Alien Phrases and sounds that bring out the realistic feel of your favorite TV show. However, to make the watch snugly fit on the wrist, you have to ensure a proper fit.

And the manufacturer added adjustable bands or straps with the watch to fulfill this demand.

These are the few reasons that made this brand a suitable choice for Ben 10 watches.

Best Ben 10 Watch

Best Ben 10 watch

1. Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix


Brand: Ben 10

Weight: 11.4 ounces

Key Features

  1. The watch comes with motion-activated sound effects.
  2. There are more than 100 alien phrases available.
  3. It works on two AAA batteries.
  4. It is appropriate for four years or up kids.
  5. There are several buttons for activation and other works on the watch.
  6. It comes with an adjustable wristband.

While watching Ben 10 TV shows on the TV, your kids may have already found the power of the watch. This watch allows your kid to turn into one of the villains from the TV show. And he can do this by pressing the buttons on it.

The Velcro straps included in the watch offers any user to find the ideal fit on the wrist. Without having a proper fit, you always have chances of losing it. The motion-activated sounds produced by the watch enhance the fun element to a great extent as well.


  1. The motion activation sounds are available for unique battle SFX.
  2. The power of this Deluxe Omnitrix can transform the user into one of the Ben 10’s aliens.
  3. It is easy to start the functioning by pressing the activation button.
  4. The adjustable wristband design allows you to find a perfect fit on the wrist.
  5. Ben 10 lovers can show his powers with the replica model.

2. BEN 10 Kids Projector Watch Omnitrix Alien Viewer


Brand: Ben 10

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Key Features

  1. The watch comes with a projector light.
  2. There are three illuminating cards included with the watch.
  3. Each card has ten different alien images.
  4. It has a rotatable design on the watch.
  5. There is an on and off button included in the watch.

Get the watch out of the package, and if you are at the darkroom, where there's no light, you can have easy access to the alien characters through the projector. The watch offers easy access to the function with dedicated buttons on the watch's side.

The job is pretty easy here because it already comes equipped with three cards. There are a total of 30 characters included in the cards, 10 in each. However, the design of the watch provides a realistic feel to Ben 10 lovers.

Note: Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix vs. BEN 10 Kids Projector Watch

The main difference: The second one has a dedicated projector light with character cards, whereas it is missing in the first one.


  1. The illuminator toy watch illuminates the image of the aliens from the Ben 10 series through the projector.
  2. It is easy to turn the projector on and off with the dedicated on-off buttons.
  3. You can see the image by simply pressing the side buttons after inserting the cards.
  4. The user can see his favorite cartoon character by simply rotating the watch.
  5. It works better in dark conditions.

3. Ben 10 Deluxe Omnitrix


Brand: Ben 10

Weight: 12.2 ounces

Key Features

  1. The watch comes with more than 100 alien phrases and sounds.
  2. It comes including with motion activation sound with SFX.
  3. There is an activation button included in the watch.
  4. It comes included with 2 AAA batteries for the functioning of the watch.
  5. According to the manufacturers, it is appropriate for kids from 3 years to 12 years.
  6. The watch has adjustable black fabric straps.

If you are worried about having a proper fit on the wrist, then go for this Ben 10 watch as it comes with the solution. The watch has fabric straps, which have an adjustable design, and one can easily find a perfect fit on his wrist.

Turning on the watch and let it functioning is an easy job by inserting two AAA batteries. Also, you don't have to purchase individually for these batteries as they come included in the package. There is a button in the watch to let the user control it.


  1. It is easy to turn off the aliens from the Ben 10 series by pressing the activation.
  2. The user can have a proper fit with the adjustable fabric strap.
  3. The inclusion of AAA batteries makes them appropriate for long time usage.
  4. The activation sounds are available for unique battle SFX.
  5. This replica model provides a realistic Ben 10 watch feeling.

4. Ben 10 Basic Omnitrix


Brand: Ben 10

Weight: 5.6 ounces

Key features

  1. The watch comes equipped with newly included aliens.
  2. It has more than 40 alien phrases and SFX.
  3. There is a turn on the dial in the watch.
  4. The watch comes with 3 LR44 batteries for functioning.
  5. It is appropriate for kids from 4 years to 10 years, according to the manufacturer.
  6. It has an adjustable buckle.

Put the Ben 10 watch around your wrist using the adjustable buckle and have a realistic feel like your favorite TV show character, Ben 10. The watch allows you to become one of the ten aliens from Ben 10. After activating the turn-on button, you can easily select any character by pressing down.

The watch runs using three LR44 batteries. The good side of this watch is that you will find these batteries included in it. Any kid of 4 years or up can enjoy making his party look fulfill by putting on this watch.


  1. It is an excellent toy for the Halloween party.
  2. The watch comes with a nicely detailed design.
  3. It allows the user to turn into one of the ten aliens using the power of Omnitrix.
  4. You can easily activate each character’s unique phrases and SFX by pressing down the activation button.
  5. The adjustable design of the buckle lets one find the perfect fit.

5. Ben 10 Omnitrix Creator


Brand: Ben 10

Weight: 9.2 ounces

Key features

  1. There are dials available for unique SFX activation.
  2. The watch comes with more than 100 lights and sounds.
  3. It has three LR44 batteries included in the package.
  4. According to the manufacturer, this item is used for four months or up kids.

Just unpack the watch and insert the batteries into the watch. You are ready to enjoy the villainy characters of the Ben 10 by putting on this watch around the wrist. There are several buttons on this watch that offers you to activate the unique SFX conveniently.

By activating the lights and sound in the watch, one can bring the realistic feel of Ben 10. The band of the watch snugly fits around the wrist, which prevents the young user from worrying about the fall down of the watch.


  1. It is easy to activate the unique SFXs by using each dial included in the watch.
  2. The watch allows you to battle as Ben or Kevin.
  3. The user doesn’t have to buy individual batteries for the functionalities.
  4. The inclusion of lights enhances the fun of the game.

Is Ben 10 a good brand?

If you want an authentic Ben 10 watch and want to become a part of the Ben 10 world, there isn't a better choice than the Ben 10 watch brand. The outlook and all the features these watches offer can take the wearer to the world of Ben 10.

Realistic Ben 10 watch design: The first and foremost thing is that the buyers of this watch would look for the watch's design. And this brand has not disheartened you in this regard by providing a realistic look at it. It ultimately takes you to the world of Ben 10, which you used to watch on TV.

Inclusion of unique lights and sounds: The inclusion of unique sounds and light is the main thing to add a more realistic feel to the watch. Most of these watches have more than 100 lights and sounds functions. Moreover, it is pretty easy to go and use the functions by pressing the allotted buttons on it.

Projection system: When you are in the dark, or even in low-light conditions, you can have a look at the alien characters of Ben 10 by the projection system. As projectors demand low light, the projector of this watch isn’t different as well. By simply turning on the button, you can have a view of the characters.

Proper fitting: Even after offering several features, if the buckle doesn't ensure a snug fit, it won't be useful for the buyer. The manufacturer put a lot of importance on the buckle area and designed it like a realistic Ben 10 watch with adjustability.

How to choose a Ben 10 watch?

Is it too tough choosing a Ben 10 watch? I don't think so as far as you know the factors to consider before purchasing the watch. There are some basic features of a Ben 10 watch that one needs to ensure before buying.

Outlook and design: Even if the watch offers all features of a Ben 10 watch but doesn't have the appropriate design, no one will have an interest in it. The first duty of a Ben 10 lover is to ensure having the traditional and realistic Ben 10 watch look on the dial and band as well.

Batteries: To make the watch function properly, you need to insert batteries into it. There are two types of batteries used in these watches, AAA batteries and LR44 batteries. But it becomes a problem for the buyer when he has to purchase individually for the batteries. So, ensure the watch includes the batteries in the package.

Band: There are rubber bands and fabric straps typically used on the watches. The function you need to have is the adjustable design. Without ensuring adjustability, one can never have the perfect fit on the wrist.

Alien phrases and sounds: To bring realistic fun after wearing the watch, the young users want Alien Phrases and sounds in adequate numbers. Some watches have more than 100 alien phrases, and some other models have more than 40. However, by pressing the button in the watch one can also have a look at the character through projection.

Functioning buttons: Each watch has an allotted buttons design on the sides to let it function well. There is a turn-on button of the watch, a music SFX button, and also a projection button available. These buttons or switches are necessary to let the user easily use the watch. Moreover, the buttons should be positioned to an easily accessible spot.

Age recommendation: Most Ben 10 watch allow kids of 4 years or more to wear these watches and have a proper costume for the Halloween party.

How much do Ben 10 watches cost?

All Ben 10 watches have almost similar features and designs, regardless of the different models. That is why the cost doesn't have a huge range, and it ranges from $30 to $40. The price might go a bit on the higher side if there is a projection system included and have more alien phrases & sounds. Basically this brand is made for kids if you have enought budget you can chose like Ted Baker WatchIWC Watches, Michael Kors etc.

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