Are you looking for a functional digital wall clock that is also a good room décor? Well, you are at the right place then. Here, we have listed seven top 3D LED digital wall clocks and reviewed them properly.

The list starts with Mooas 3D LED Wall Clock Big Plus White, which has a refined and stereoscopic number designed to display. Some of these clocks have clear white lighting, and the others have colorful loop lighting.

Regardless of the light color, it is necessary to ensure the clarity and functionality of the clocks. The automatic brightness controlling feature makes them appropriate for any time. Go deep into the article for more details.

3D LED digital wall clock

3D LED digital wall clock

Is 3D LED digital wall clock is good?

Although it depends on the user preference, there is hardly anyone to disagree that 3D LED digital wall clocks are good. Compared to normal wall clocks, they are far better. Here are some noticeable reasons why these digital clocks remain on top.

  1. The clear and easy-to-read 3D digital display.
  2. Automatic brightness changing feature.
  3. It has colorful luminance lighting.
  4. Provides accurate date and temperature data.
  5. Easy to hang on the wall or set up on a table.
  6. Offers countdown and alarm features.
  7. Features both 12 hours and 24 hours time mode.
  8. Have built-in batteries for backup service.

When you find such a multi-functional clock at an affordable price range, you probably won’t think twice. It also creates an amazing display inside the room. It keeps you updated about the time 24 hours of the day.

1. Mooas 3D LED Wall Clock Big Plus White

Mooas 3D LED Wall Clock Big Plus White


Brand: Mooas

Weight: 0.73 pounds

Key features

  1. The clock comes with ABS and acrylic construction.
  2. It has an ABS and PVC-constructed remote control.
  3. There are three levels of automatically adjustable luminance available.
  4. It has a refined and stereoscopic number design.
  5. It comes with both 12H and 24H modes.
  6. The package includes a power USB cable with one lithium metal battery.

User experience

It is a great choice for a wall-mounted clock. The extra luminance design makes the entire room bright and keeps one updated about the time. The only problem user might face the less dimness in low luminance conditions.

The less dimming brightness sometimes doesn't seem to suit the living room. However, it is always good to go in a gaming room. You need to be careful using both the clock and remote because they are fragile and lightweight.

More details about the clock

It is a multi-function digital wall clock that helps in your day-to-day life. The luminous and stereoscopic number offers clear and accurate timekeeping. Moreover, one can either follow the 12H or 24H setting.

The clock is equipped with a small, white remote control. Although the ABS and PVC build remote control seems fragile, it does various tasks. To watch the calendar, temperature, change the clock time mode, setting up an alarm, and using a stopwatch is possible with the remote control.

The alarm creates around 60 to 65 dB of sound. One of the most useful features of the clock is having an automatic brightness changing function. It changes the brightness to low, medium, or high according to the room dark.  

However, the package includes a few other things except for the clock and remote. For example, USB cable, AC adapter, 110V plug, and an instruction manual.

What we liked

  1. It provides clear and high brightness.
  2. The automatic luminance adjustments quickly adapt to the room's dark.
  3. It is easy to control everything on the clock using the remote control.
  4. The extra brightness makes it perfect for game rooms.
  5. It is easy to install with the instruction manual.
  6. The clock helps to count down the time depending on the need.

What we disliked

  1. The dimness in low light is not adequate.
  2. Both the clock and remote control are a bit fragile.


WISE TIGER CREATIVITY IS UNLIMITED 3D LED Wall Clock with Remote Control is a suitable alternative to the listed watch. Both these watches have multi-functional features. However, it has a coating to ensure better durability. Also, it adjusts to different levels of brightness.

2. EDUP 3D LED Wall Clock 7 Colors 15" with Remote Control

EDUP 3D LED Wall Clock


Brand: EDUP Home

Weight: 1.48 pounds

Key features

  1. The clock comes with durable plastic construction.
  2. It has six color loop displays.
  3. There are seven different color options available on the display.
  4. It works on 12H or 24H time modes.
  5. The package includes a multi-functional remote control.
  6. It comes with 1 ~ 99 levels of brightness.

User experience

It is definitely a lightweight clock, but there's no complaint about being a fragile one. Moreover, the adjustable brightness is enough to enlighten a dark room efficiently. Also, the inclusion of a multi-functional allows anyone to control the clock easily.

It is also easy to install and mount on the wall. However, the problem is with the lifespan. The luminance setup on the clock seems to fade away after few days of use.

More details about the clock

With the colorful luminance lighting, the clock becomes suitable for bedrooms, game rooms, offices, coffee shops, or any other place. The 15 inches long clock is quite a lightweight one as it comes with plastic construction.

It has two different color settings, loop color and simple color brightness. There are seven different colors you will get on the clock and six beautiful color patterns. The multi-functional display features countdown, temperature, date, etc. features.

The good thing is that you can control and change all these settings using the allotted remote control. It allows setting up a once or twice alarm as well as a second alarm. It works from the power received by the included power cable.

What we liked

  1. The loop color cycles create a fashionable look in the room.
  2. It is easy to install.
  3. Reading the time becomes convenient at night.
  4. Its adjustable brightness level allows finding the most suitable luminance.
  5. The clock is easy to operate with the remote control.
  6. It shows the date and temperature accurately.

What we disliked

  1. It’s not a durable wall clock for laminating service.
  2. It seems a bit difficult setting up the time.


You might find WYSCL 3D LED Wall Clock Big Digital Clock as one of the better alternatives to the listed clock. It also provides a multi-lighting option. The package includes a remote control the lets the user easily use the multi-functions of the clock.

3. KCQI EN8810 3D LED Digital Wall Clock Alarm Function

KCQI EN8810 3D LED Digital Wall Clock


Brand: KCQI

Weight: 0.81 pounds

Key features

  1. The clock comes with three different levels of brightness including high, medium, and low.
  2. The manufacturer used quality plastic for the construction.
  3. It has three functional buttons including mode, up, and down.
  4. It has an alarm clock and snoozing function.
  5. The package includes a USB cable.
  6. There is a backup battery inside the clock.

User experience

It can enlighten the whole area after hanging on a wall or setting up simply on a table. The eye-protective white light gives enough brightness and saves the eyes. Although it comes with plastic construction, there is nothing to complain about it.

So far, no user is dissatisfied with the luminous design of the light and what it offers. It doesn't come with a remote or offer multi-functional activities, which is a downgrade though.

More details about the clock

The 3D digital clock has a white, high-contrast design. It is a traditional 3D LED watch to look on, which provides proper brightness. However, it has three different brightness options. You can let it change automatically or do it manually with ease.

The clock operates through cable power, and it also has a pre-installed battery when it runs out of battery. Moreover, it has an alarm setting and snoozing function. It continues to alarm the user for up to 60 minutes.

What we liked

  1. The high-quality white lighting is safe for the eyes.
  2. It has a backup to the power cable setting as an included battery.
  3. The clock supports both hangings on a wall and setting up on a table.
  4. The alarm snoozes up to 60 minutes until the user wakes up.
  5. It ensures a durable construction and will last long.

What we disliked

  1. It doesn’t come up with a remote control system.
  2. There is no color cycle available on the clock.


PEMENOL 3D LED Digital Wall Clock will also serve you in the same manner as this clock does. The white-colored clear lighting provides proper luminance from the wall or table. Moreover, you can also adjust the brightness depending on the room's darkness here.

4. Modern Fashion Large LED Digital Wall Clock - 15.3



Weight: 0.7 pounds

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used high-density ABS plastic to construct the clock exterior.
  2. It comes with an adjustable brightness from 1 to 10 levels.
  3. It has a unique patented cable trunking design.
  4. The two middle points gradually do lightening and dimming.
  5. The clock has an independent temperate display design.
  6. It comes with a lithium metal battery.  

User experience

The clock provides cool and super bright LED lighting and time showing to the users. With three different brightness options, one can manually or automatically change it. It shows the year, date, and temperature precisely.

None has so far found issues with the durable ABS plastic construction. It seems quite simple to use the long USB cable and power it. However, the inclusion of a lithium battery inside the clock ensures backup when the electricity is out.

More details about the clock

It is a cool LED wall clock, which has luminous white lighting. The use of a fourth-generation LED light source produces no heat and low power. It is a great solution if you are looking for a LED clock that can protect the eyes from excessive brightness.

The clock is 15.3 inches extra-large, which has quality MDF and ABS plastic construction. It can show time in both 12H and 24H modes. On the other hand, it also shows the temperature in either Fahrenheit or Celsius mode.

This multi-functional clock has countdown and stopwatch options. It uses a 100 to 250V current to work. Moreover, if somehow the power goes out, the battery will support the clock to show accurate time. The package includes a remote control and a user manual.

What we liked

  1. You can automatically or manually change the brightness level.
  2. It offers three groups of alarms.
  3. The clock has both 12H and 24H time modes.
  4. It has a backup functioning option with the inclusion of a lithium battery.
  5. The MDF texture on the surface keeps the clock scratch-free.
  6. The inclusion of a user manual makes the installation process a lot convenient.

What we disliked

  1. Even in the lowest brightness setting, it provides extra brightness.
  2. The remote doesn’t function well after few days of use.


If you don’t like this clock, look for the most suitable alternative Cardking 3D LED Digital Wall Clock Large Night Light Alarm Clock. This wall-mounted clock comes with three levels of brightness. It is also a multi-functional clock that has a remote control.

5. CO-Z 17.3" 3D Led Wall Clock Digital Clock with Large Display


Brand: CO-Z

Weight: 1.95 pounds

Key features

  1. The clock comes with acrylic-coated cotton frame construction.
  2. It comes with eight intensity levels of brightness.
  3. It has a remote control that works up to 50 feet of distance.
  4. It is equipped with an ultra-low power consumption setting.
  5. It has both 12 and 24 hours time modes.
  6. The package includes a power cable and an instruction manual.

User experience

The clock has so far ensured the satisfaction of the customers. The whitened look on it with adjustable brightness makes it suitable for anywhere. With the instruction manual, it turns out much convenient to install it.

However, the main complaint about the package is the cable. If you are looking for a long-term service from it, you should replace the cable with a good one. On the other hand, users find it easy to operate the clock using the remote control.

More details about the clock

The durable clock with extra brightness fits in a large room and provides clear timekeeping. However, one can also change the brightness in eight different levels with the remote control. With the pre-drilled holes on the back, it is easy to install the clock.

It can show temperatures of both Celsius and Fahrenheit. For contemporary or industrial areas, you can find the low-power consumption feature helpful. It can also count down up to 365 days. It has two-time modes, 12H and 24H.

The clock has the alarm option, which allows the user to set multiple alarms at the same time. The package comes with a remote, adapter, and instruction manual except for the clock.

What we liked

  1. It is suitable for any environment with eight adjustable brightness options.
  2. The clock is easy to install with the manual and pre-drilled holes.
  3. The contemporary touch makes it well fitted as modern décor.
  4. It is easy to operate with remote control.
  5. The proper brightness at night ensures clear vision for timekeeping.

What we disliked

  1. The power cable isn't durable enough for a long-time power supply.
  2. It is a bit expensive.


CHKOSDA 3D Led Wall Clock, CHKOSDA 17.3" Digital Clock appears to be the most perfect alternative to the listed clock. The main reason is the similarities between the clocks’ features. It also functions with a power cable and has holes for proper wall mounting.

6. GooDay 3D LED Digital Clock


Brand: GooDay

Weight: 1.25 pounds

Key features

  1. The clock comes with acrylic frame construction.
  2. It has 10-levels of adjustable LED brightness.
  3. The remote control has 32 feet of coverage area.
  4. It comes with a unique practical four-way cable trunking design.
  5. It has a unique temperature display design.
  6. The package includes a 5V or 1C power supply.

User experience

The clock provides easy to read and accurate timekeeping. With the multi-brightness level, the user can fit the most suitable brightness according to the need. Moreover, it supports both auto and manual brightness changing.

Most of the consumers found it bigger than what it looks, which is indeed a good thing for a clear view. One can easily operate with the remote control.

More details about the clock

The clock comes with acrylic construction, an LED module, and a circuit board. It has two display types, one shows the time, and the other one shows the date, temperature cycle. Moreover, the temperature arrives whether in Celsius or Fahrenheit.

With the 10 different adjustable brightness options, it is easy to find the most suitable one for the room. It also offers three groups of alarms that work according to the user’s demand. You can have both 12 hours and 24 hours display on the clock. e

Moreover, there is a time-memory function included in the clock. The manufacturer has also added a power supply cable to the package.

What we liked

  1. You can adjust the brightness easily depending on the need.
  2. It shows temperatures of Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  3. The time memory function keeps the clock running even after a power cut.
  4. With cable trunking on the back, you can hide the long cable.
  5. The user manual eases the installation.
  6. It allows single, double, and multiple alarm settings.

What we disliked

  1. The instructions are not detailed.
  2. The brightness seems to dim soon.

7. 3D LED Digital Wall Clock, PEMENOL



Weight: 9.6 ounces

Key features

  1. The 3D clock comes with 12/24 hours time mode.
  2. It has a removable base.
  3. The manufacturer used environmental-friendly, and durable ABS material for the frame construction.
  4. It has DC power and memory battery-saving function.
  5. It automatically changes the brightness in the photosensitive mode.
  6. The package includes a USB charging cable.

User experience

This unique digital watch is adaptable to any type of room because of the 12 and 24 hours format. The bright white coloring 3D digits make it convenient to read the time. With the super cool modern look, it enhances the beauty of the room.

With the inclusion of so many features, the clock turns out to be functional for the users. Moreover, the users have nothing to complain about the price as it is a cheap wall clock offering several things.

More details about the clock

It is a multi-functional clock, which you can hang on the wall or keep on the table. The manufacturer has added a base for a sturdy setup. However, the base is removable to let the user hang it to the wall.

With automatic sensitivity, the clock changes the brightness level and creates a suitable environment at home. It is also a great solution for those who are looking for a timed alarm clock feature on the wall clock.

It is a USB-powered clock, and the package includes a 2 meters USB cable for this. Moreover, you will find an instruction manual in the package. It has both 12 hours and 24 hours display.

What we liked

  1. The clock changes the brightness level with automatic sensitivity.
  2. It is easy to hang on the wall by removing the base.
  3. It displays the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit modes.
  4. The clock allows snoozing in the alarm easily.
  5. With the compact design, it offers easy and convenient transportability.
  6. It is easy to charge using a USB cable.

What we disliked

  1. It doesn’t have loop color patterns.

How to choose 3D LED digital wall clock?

Choosing a quality 3D LED digital wall clock is not an easy task of course. Any buyer needs to know the features of a proper digital clock and what extra it offers. Moreover, a digital wall clock without being multi-functional is not worth buying.

Here are the few crucial things one needs to consider before buying these digital wall clocks.

  1. It should have adjustable brightness.
  2. It must let the user easily hang on the wall.
  3. The alarm clock feature is necessary.
  4. The clock should show the temperature clearly.
  5. It should be lightweight, but durable.
  6. Having a remote control is mandatory.
  7. It should have a backup battery.

You can never choose a proper 3D digital clock without ensuring these few things. Now let’s dive deep into these quickly.

Adjustable light: Having adjustable lighting is the first and most important feature of a digital wall clock. There are two types of lights, bright white color and loop colorful lights. However, a quality 3D digital wall clock should have three adjustable brightness including high, medium, and low.

Meanwhile, it should also allow the user to change the brightness manually if required. Some clocks also offer eight to ten brightness-changing levels.

Frame construction: Most digital wall clocks have ABS plastic construction, and some rare models have alloy coating. From the construction materials, it is quite sure that the clocks are lightweight. However, the user needs to ensure that these lightweight clocks are also durable and sturdy.

The durability is necessary for a long-lasting service. On the other hand, a sturdy clock allows one to set it up on a table without worry.

Remote control: It's one of the most required inclusions in modern-day multi-functional clocks. When the clock has so many features, you need a minimum device to control it, and a remote is an ideal choice for this.

Most of these clocks come equipped with one lightweight remote control. It is lightweight because of the PVC or ABS plastic construction.  

Multi-functional: Showing time digitally is not the only purpose of a digital clock. It should also offer multi-functional activities. In these activities, showing temperature and date is a noteworthy one. However, it should also show the temperate in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Moreover, a clock without an alarm snooze feature is never a good one to buy. It should let the user snooze it several times. Another crucial feature of these clocks is showing the time in both 12 hours and 24 hours format.

Easy installation: There are two ways to install these clocks, wall hanging or setting up on a table. While buying, you should go for one that has both features. It should have a sturdy base that lets you set it up on the table with proper sturdiness.

On the other hand, the clock needs to have allotted holes on the back for wall hanging. It varies from clock to clock.

Power supply: These digital clocks require a power supply to operate properly. And there should be a power supply cable included in the package. Without a quality cable, you might not have a long-lasting service and spend extra dollars for this again.

However, the clock needs to run even after a power supply cut. That is why a digital wall clock needs to have a lithium battery inside as backup.

Alternative to 3D LED digital wall clock.

To be honest, there isn't any exact alternative to 3D digital clocks. You can buy one that is digital but doesn't have a 3D display. Again, go for one with a luminous display without multi-functions.

It means you will have to compromise this or that thing when you are buying an alternative. Here are a few alternatives; you might love to know about.

  1. Digital clock without 3D display.
  2. Analog clock with luminous handles and markers.
  3. Digital clock that doesn't offer adjustable brightness.
  4. Digital clock, but not multi-functional.

You might be thinking, why the list contains an analog clock? Well, the list doesn't come with an exact alternative to 3D digital clocks. It only contains a few alternatives to some crucial features of a 3D digital clock.

Digital clocks have a luminance display, which makes them perfect for dark conditions. And if you need an alternative only for luminance display, you can also move on to an analog clock with luminance markers and handles.

How to completely setup 3D LED digital wall clock?

Before starting the setup process, you need to know what things your digital clock has and is there any instruction manual is available or not. The inclusion of an instruction manual eases the entire setup process.

  1. You need to connect the power supply cable for the other functions.
  2. To set it up on the table, use the allotted stand underneath.
  3. To hang on the wall, remove the stand.
  4. Use the allotted hole on the back for wall hanging.
  5. Now put a lithium battery inside the cell if there is any.
  6. Open the cell cover by moving it anti-clockwise and put it back by moving clockwise.
  7. Then connect one end of the power supply cable on the back of the clock.
  8. Connect the other end to the power supply.
  9. It has a mode, up and down buttons on top for all functionalities.

Cost of 3D LED digital wall clock

On average, the cost of 3D LED digital wall clocks ranges from $55 to $70. However, the price can go down to $15 and up to $80 depending on the features it offers. Clocks with luminance displays cost more compared to white display clocks.

However, having more functions will always increase the cost of the clock. The clock dimension is another noteworthy reason why the cost varies.


How to disable alarm settings in 3D LED digital wall clock?

To disable the alarm setting, you need to press the alarm button on the remote first. Then select alarm settings and press the "˂” button to disable the alarm setting.

How to snooze the alarm in 3D LED digital clock?

Press the alarm button till the AL appears above the time. The alarm sound will speed up with every passing minute. Now press the light button to snooze the alarm.

What is the lifespan of digital wall clock batteries?

A digital wall clock battery will last for one to two hours depending on how heavily it consumed power.

Final words

A 3D digital clock is indeed a great addition to your living room. You won’t find any better multi-functional clock that is worth comparing to 3D digital clocks.

  1. It has adjustable brightness.
  2. Snoozing alarm option.
  3. Shows temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  4. Has both 12 hours and 24 hours time mode.
  5. Easy for wall hanging.

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