You feel irritated to watch time on the wristwatch or smartphone when you are hiking, camping, or kayaking most of the time. You often question yourself, is there any alternative to wristwatches while you’re outing?

We are here to give you the answer by adding the top seven carabiner watches to the following list. These watches have an easy to snap carabiner clip that has a metal construction.

It lets you clip it in the belt loop, backpack, or any other suitable spot. The list starts with Dakota Watch Company Digi Clip Watch, which has an aluminum carabiner clip. Most of these watches have quartz movement that provides accurate timekeeping.

Best Carabiner Watch

Is carabiner watches good

To use carabiner watches, you don’t need any perlon watch strap. The carabiner clip will snap the watch to the belt loop and ensure a snug fit. You should compare these watches with smartwatches like the YAMAY smartwatch or Michael Kors smartwatch.

Smartwatches are good to go for regular usage with a lot smarter functions. But carabiner watches are easy and safe to use during hiking or camping.

  1. The carabiner clip snaps to almost anything.
  2. Precise timekeeping with quartz movement.
  3. Backlight for easy time readability at night.
  4. Durable stainless steel case back.
  5. Dial window has crystal glass protection.
  6. Integrated compass feature.
  7. Minimum water resistance up to 30 meters.
  8. Arabic numerals with luminous handles are easy to read.

Although the watch is mainly for hiking-type purposes, it has a lot of functionalities to offer the users. So, none should love to go on an argument regarding whether it’s a good watch or not.

Best Carabiner Watch

It's tough to see time every time taking out your phone while you are walking. Moreover, your wrist can get damage while kayaking if it's not waterproof. One general solution to both these situations is to use a carabiner watch.

Without talking too much, let’s move on to the list below and what these watches offer to the users. Therefore, you can easily decide whether to go for one or not. You should also read about pocket watch vs. wristwatch vs. fob watch.

1. Dakota Watch Company Digi Clip Watch


Brand: Dakota

Weight: 2.75 ounces

Key features

  1. An alloy case with stainless steel case back.
  2. Aluminum constructed carabiner clip.
  3. Operates through quartz movement.
  4. Up to 30 meters of water resistance.
  5. EL backlight with afterglow.
  6. Dual time zone with countdown timer and stopwatch.
  7. Alarm with chiming music.
  8. Mineral crystal glass material.
  9. Integrated analog compass.

The users experience

It turns out as a heavy-duty and functional watch for the users as it clips easily to the belt, backpack anywhere using the carabiner. The watch face has glass protection that makes allows easy to read functionality.

The carabiner loop forms a sturdy clipping around the belt loop. However, the users have a problem using the carabiner when it comes to the thicker loop. The medium-sized watch case is easy to tell the time.

Moreover, the inclusion of EL backlight allows anyone to have a look at the time, even in dark conditions. The durable construction allows an extended usage guarantee. Sometimes the minimal water resistance comes in handy as well.

More details about the watch

This carabiner watch from Dakota has a robust construction with a lot of functions inside. The manufacturer used an alloy case for added durability and stainless steel case back. However, the clip house has aluminum construction.

It is a roughly usable watch as it has 30 meters water-resistant. It has a digital watch dial, which has a protection of crystal glass. Moreover, it has an EL backlight on the dial. Therefore, you can make it usable at night undoubtedly.

The spring carabiner makes the watch fit in a belt loop, backpack, or jacket. An integrated analog compass is available on the carabiner. The case is 38 mm in diameter. The watch has quartz movement to operate properly.

You will get a dual time zone with 12/24 hours formats here. Moreover, it has an alarm function with chime music. The manufacturer also added a stopwatch and countdown time in the watch as extra functions.

There is a total of four functional buttons on two sides of the watch dial. Moreover, the rounded grey bezel has 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 markers. 

The good

  1. It is easy to read the time.
  2. The watch conveniently clips into the belt loop.
  3. Time setting process is hassle-free.
  4. Durable case back and carabiner.
  5. Chime music functions well with the alarm.
  6. Analog compass comes in handy while hiking.

The bad

  1. The carabiner loop is a bit small.
  2. It is not a long-lasting watch.

2. Lancardo Clip-on Multi-Function Digital Carabiner Watch


Brand: Lancardo

Weight: 1.56 ounces

Key features

  1. The watch has alloy and stainless steel construction.
  2. Glass constructed dial window.
  3. Operates through quartz movement.
  4. 30 meters of water resistance.
  5. Alarm, calendar, and week functions are available.
  6. Large digital Arabic numerals.
  7. Built-in analog compass.
  8. EL background light.

The users experience

The users found the carabiner clipping design very much useful for hiking, kayaking, or any type of outings. It clips easily with a belt loop, backpack, or jacket pocket. However, the quality of the clip could have been much better.

Being a specialized carabiner watch, it shouldn’t come with a cheap clipping mechanism. And that is where the consumers have complaints. Another major issue is the four buttons that are not well-working.

Users seem to get tired of trying pressing the buttons to do their intended work on the watch. Moreover, these are not flush with the watch dial. On the other hand, the digital watch dial is easy to read.

By adding the EL backlight, the manufacturer has made it useful when it’s dark around you. It can also resist the water a bit, which is a good thing.

More details about the watch

With the extra durability, you can now get ready for the next hike. The carabiner watch comes with alloy case construction with stainless steel case back. It is 40 mm in diameter with four functional buttons on two sides.

The watch comes with a digital dial with glass protection. Moreover, the bezels come with shiny metal construction. The functional watch has a durable and easy-to-use metal carabiner clip. It is usable with a bag, backpack, belt loop, pockets, and so on.

There’s an analog compass available on a carabiner that comes in handy while camping, hiking, or kayaking. The watch dial shows the time with digital Arabic numerals. It has both 12 and 24-hour formats.

The manufacturer has used alarms for added functionality. It shows six different displays on the dial, including month, date, weekday, hour, minute, and second stopwatch. With the EL backlight, you can tell the time at night as well.

The waterproofing of 30 meters makes it usable under light rainy conditions. Also, it can withstand sudden water splashes and retain functionality.

The good

  1. It is easy to read the time in any condition.
  2. EL backlight for night view.
  3. Shows month, weekday, and date.
  4. Easy to clip through belt loop or backpack.
  5. Have minimal water resistance.

The bad

  1. The carabiner is made cheaply.
  2. It is hard to use the four functional buttons.

3. Hemobllo Clip-on Quartz Watch Night Light Alloy


Brand: Hemobllo

Weight: 1.76 ounces

Key features

  1. The watch comes with a durable alloy construction.
  2. Glass crystal dial window.
  3. Multi-functional mountaineering clasp.
  4. Easy to read Arabic numerals.
  5. Operates through quartz movement.
  6. One functional button on the right-down corner.
  7. Bezel shows the seconds movement.

The users experience

If you are searching for an easy-to-read carabiner watch, then you can go for it. But remember, it has lots of flaws according to the users. Talking about the carabiner clip, it has mixed reviews.

Some found it strong and easily attachable to a belt loop, whereas most users get it as quickly broken cheap clip. Although it is easy to read the time on the watch, the glass is not durable enough.

However, the manufacturer has included a glowing feature on the dial. It comes in handy to read the Arabic numerals at night and tell the time. Although it’s a battery-operated watch, the package doesn’t include good batteries in most cases.

Most of the time, users need to purchase batteries to let the watch tell time. Moreover, it’s not a waterproof watch.

More details about the watch

It’s a simply designed carabiner watch that has robust and durable alloy construction. The manufacturer has used a matte black finish on both the carabiner and bezel. The watch dial has crystal glass protection.

The watch is here to provide precise timekeeping to its users. And that is why it has quartz movement. For easy time reading, it has large Arabic numerals on the dial window. Moreover, the bezel is equipped with second markers.

The most eye-catching side of the watch is the alloy carabiner. The spring-loaded clip is easy to snap onto a backpack, shirt pocket, or belt loop. There is only one functional switch available on the right-down corner of the dial.

The good

  1. The large Arabic numerals make it easy to read.
  2. It glows at night for clear time viewing.
  3. It easily snaps on the belt loop through the carabiner clip.
  4. Quartz movement ensures precise timekeeping.
  5. It is easy to carry for being small.

The bad

  1. The carabiner clip breaks easily.
  2. The crystal glass is not durable as intended.

4. Dakota Mini Clip Microlight Watch


Brand: Dakota

Weight: 3.04 ounces

Key features

  1. The watch has a stainless steel construction.
  2. Luminescent hands and markers.
  3. Water-resistant up to 30 meters.
  4. Cream military dial.
  5. Powerful red LED microlight.
  6. Stainless steel integrated carabiner.
  7. Operates through Miyota movement.
  8. Requires two CR2 batteries.

The users experience

It is turned out as a well-constructed and durable carabiner watch for most users. The stainless steel construction with 30 meters of water resistance makes it a handy watch to use in every weather condition.

It is easy to see the time here. Also, the luminous hands and marker made it usable in dark conditions as well. The mini clip attaches the watch snugly to the belt clip. Being small and lightweight, there isn’t any worry to carry it.

The LED light is a great addition to the watch as you can make it usable at night. The light is red instead of white, and most users love this thing. However, there’s a little problem with the handles.

Although the second hand seems precisely working, the minute hand sometimes seems to bother the users.

More details about the watch

The watch has a creamy dial, case back, and carabiner, where everything has alloy construction. The manufacturer used Miyota movement instead of quartz but ensured correct timekeeping. The watch dial is 39 mm in diameter, and it has a glass crystal dial window.

Inside the dial, it has luminous markers and handles. The second handle is red, which is different from the rest handles. The integrated carabiner is easy to snap on the belt loop or backpack.

On the right side of the dial watch dial, it has two functional buttons. However, the thing that makes the watch different from most other carabiner watches is the inclusion of LED light on top.

The light emits red LED lighting in the dark, which is indeed a handy addition. The watch has a water-resistant limit of up to 30 meters. It requires two CR2 batteries to operate, which are available in the package.

The good

  1. Includes a red LED light up front.
  2. Easy to read time through the luminous markers and handles.
  3. Water-resistance keeps it safe from sudden rain or water splash.
  4. A well-made, durable watch.
  5. The carabiner conveniently snaps to the belt loop.

The bad

  1. The construction quality is not up to the mark.
  2. The minute handle seems malfunctioning in some watches.

5. Dakota Watch Company Leather Field Clip Watch


Brand: Dakota

Weight: 2.56 ounces

Key features

  1. The watch comes with a stainless steel case.
  2. Aluminum carabiner clip.
  3. Oil-tanned genuine leather fob.
  4. Water-resistant up to 30 meters.
  5. Military dial with luminous handles.
  6. Date showing small window.
  7. Operates through Japanese quartz movement.

The users experience

Whether you need to tell the time at night or daylight, the watch is ready to serve you well every time. The glowing dial window with luminous handles turns out handy every time the user looks at the watch.

It has a durable and long-lasting stainless steel case, which is water-resistant as well. Not much carabiner watches have dedicated window for the date, but it has. And most wristwatch users are happy with this additional feature.

It snaps to the belt loop or anywhere you need with the easy attachable metal carabiner clip. The only problem seems with the watch is the short span of life of the included batteries.

The package includes the required battery to let the watch operate. In most cases, the batteries don’t seem to work for more than two months. And you need to replace the batteries then.

More details about the watch

This watch from Dakota has both a leather fob and a metal carabiner. The watch dial looks simple like most other carabiner watches but has a small date-showing window. Moreover, the dial is a bit luminescent with luminous handles.

The manufacturer added Arabic dials on the dial window. It has one functional button at the right center of the dial. The case back has a stainless steel construction, so the bezel has a silver-tone finish.

The watch comes with a genuine oil-tanned leather fob. Moreover, it has a metal easy to snap carabiner as well. The watch dial is 28.6 inches in diameter and operates using the Japanese quartz movement.

It is a slow battery-draining operating system. Moreover, it has both 12 hours and 24 hours time-telling features.

The good

  1. The dial and handles glow in the dark.
  2. Snaps easily to belt loop.
  3. Japanese movement ensures slow drainage of the battery.
  4. The leather fob holds up the wear and tear.
  5. It is a lightweight watch.
  6. Provides accurate timekeeping.

The bad

  1. The battery damages quickly resulting in the watch stops.
  2. It is hard to set the time.

6. NICERIO Clip-on Fob Watch, Night Light Alloy Quartz Watch



Weight: 1.83 ounces

Key features

  1. The watch has durable alloy construction.
  2. The dial window comes with a glass crystal.
  3. Luminous watch dial.
  4. Equipped with long-time usable batteries.
  5. Strong, spring-loaded carabiner clip included.
  6. Operates through precise quartz movement.
  7. One functional button is available on the side of the dial.

The users experience

The watch is lightweight and easy to use. The carabiner clip available on the watch is sturdy and long time using. It easily snaps to the belt loop, backpack, or anywhere you like to use it.

The lightweight structure makes it easy to carry as well. However, the major problem most users faced is the short battery life. But there have been many users who didn’t complain about the lifespan of the watch battery.

Moreover, if the battery is dead, it is never a hassle-free process for anyone to replace it. Talking about another major downgrade of the watch is that it doesn't have a sweeping second handle.

It’s a ticking second handle, which is comparatively annoying for the users who want a sweeping second handle.

More details about the watch

Don’t worry about the precise timekeeping as the watch comes up with quartz movement. The watch has a glowing dial window that is handy for dark conditions as well. The manufacturer has used alloy construction here.

Alloy case, case back, and carabiner clip form a robust and sturdy setup on the watch. The carabiner clip is easy to use with a simple snap design. There is a functional button available on the right-down corner of the dial.

The bezel comes with a silver-tone finish, which has seconds markers designed. The glowing watch dial has traditional Arabic numerals with luminous handles. It requires two batteries to ensure precise timekeeping using quartz movement.

The good

  1. The watch is shockproof and waterproof.
  2. It is easy to read the time.
  3. Glowing Dial with luminous handles makes it usable at night.
  4. The carabiner clip is sturdy.
  5. Ensures accurate timekeeping with quartz movement.
  6. The batteries are a long-time user.

The bad

  1. It is hard to replace the batteries.
  2. The watch is cheaply made.

7. Timex Expedition Clip Watch One Color


Brand: Timex

Weight: 3 ounces

Key features

  1. The watch has stainless steel and composite case construction.
  2. Resin constructed carabiner.
  3. Up to 50 meters of water resistance.
  4. Includes digital compass and chronograph.
  5. The watch dial is 50 mm in diameter.
  6. Indiglo with night mode and backlight.

The users experience

You can make the carabiner clip of the watch usable as it easily snaps to anything you like. The accuracy in timekeeping and temperature reading is another noteworthy functionality of the watch.

The watch is highly functional, and the users are pretty satisfied with its functionality. However, one is that hurts the users is a malfunctioning compass. Although the manufacturer has added an instruction guide, it still doesn’t come helpful.

However, a few users have found the package equipped with dead batteries. It requires two CR2 batteries. You change the batteries if you need, but it’s hard to replace them.

More details about the watch

It is entirely a different carabiner watch compared to the other watches included in the list. It comes with a large 50 mm dial with four functional switches on two sides. The manufacturer used stainless steel to construct the top plate.

To construct the watch case, they used composite materials. However, the carabiner has resin construction. You can do hiking, camping, or mountaineering by using the lockable snap carabiner. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

The water-resistant limit is also on the higher side compared to the rest of the watches on the list. The watch face has Indiglo night mode with a backlight. It becomes useful when you need to tell the time in the dark.

Moreover, the watch comes with an alarm function. The chronograph and compass features are two more notable features of the watch.

The good

  1. The carabiner clip snaps on almost anything.
  2. It tells the temperature accurately.
  3. A sturdy watch face and carabiner clip construction.
  4. It is a highly water-resistant watch.
  5. The package includes detailed instructions.
  6. Easy to use and carry.

The bad

It is hard to calibrate the temperature even using the provided instructions.

Things you need to know before buying

Going on the market and purchasing one carabiner watch is never a wise thing. You need to have at least an outside idea of the considerable things before purchasing one such watch. Here are the few crucial things you need to consider before buying.

  1. A durable metal carabiner clip.
  2. Stainless steel case back for long-lasting service.
  3. Crystal glass on the dial window.
  4. Luminous markers and handles.
  5. Quartz movement for timekeeping accuracy.
  6. Easy to use and carry.
  7. Availability of functions like compass, chronograph, and alarm.
  8. Waterproofing construction for versatile use.

The distinguishing feature of these watches is the carabiner clip. It should have strong metallic construction for durability. It helps the clip to snap on any object you like.

The outer construction including, the watch dial is the next most important thing you need to check out. Stainless steel case back is a common feature in quality watches like Sugess watch. So why do carabiner watches shouldn’t have it?

It is supposed to go through more rough conditions, and durability is the key factor here. Moreover, the watch dial must have glass crystal protection. It impacts easy readability. Without quality glass, it typically gets damaged soon.

While talking about easy readability, you need to think about the dark conditions a well. For clear view and time-telling at night, the watch dial needs to have luminous markers and handles. Even some watches have a luminous dial.

Carabiner watches are specifically made for hiking, camping, kayaking, and so on. What if the watch is heavy and difficult to carry? Of course, it is not the type of watch you are looking for. Always look for one that is lightweight and easy to carry.

Only if you can easily carry the watch, that doesn't mean it is useful. The primary need from any watch is accurate timekeeping, and the same saying goes for carabiner watches. Most watch enthusiasts rely on quartz movement for accuracy.

Following this, a reputed watch brand produces its carabiner watches with quartz movement. It ensures accuracy in timekeeping at any time of the day.

Waterproofing is a mandatory feature of a watch when you are kayaking. It can anytime come in contact with water and stop working gradually. Thankfully, most carabiner watches have 30 meters water-resistant. However, a few models have 50 meters.

Functions like compass and chronograph are handy additions to any watch. The compass can show you the way out when you are stuck somewhere. Again, telling the date, month, or weekday is easy with a chronograph.

Is there any alternative to carabiner watches

Yes, there is not one but two alternatives to carabiner watches. The first one is a fob watch, and the second one is a pocket watch. However, the purpose of both these watches is different from each other and carabiner watches.

  1. Typically nurses and doctors use fob watches.
  2. Fob watches are worn on the chest area.
  3. Pocket watches are made for fashion purposes.
  4. You can keep the pocket watch in the suit pocket or pant pocket.

Although these three watches have different purposes, they came up as an alternative to wristwatches. The reason to change wristwatches is that you may not like wearing wristwatches, or your work doesn’t support wearing a wristwatch.

However, it is not suggested to wear fob watches while outing as an alternative to carabiner watches. But you can take a pocket watch and keep it inside the pocket as long as you want.

How much does a carabiner watch cost

The cost of carabiner watches ranges from $15 to $45. The cost differs on the construction quality and the extra features it offers. Undoubtedly, if the watch came with high-quality construction material, it will last longer and cost a bit more.

In the same way, watches with extra features like chronograph, compass, or alarm will cost you more than a watch without even one of these features.


Why use carabiner watches?

Carabiner watches are travel-friendly watches and safe to use for a long time. The users don’t need to worry about rough weather and find a hard time looking at the time frequently. Therefore, experts suggest using these watches while hiking, camping, or kayaking.

Are carabiner watches easy to read?

Yes, carabiner watches have dial windows designed with Arabic numerals. Moreover, most of these watches come with luminous hands and markers. The addition of a backlight makes it easy to read at night as well.

Is alarm with chime function available on carabiner watches?

Yes, but not in all carabiner watches. It is a useful feature on any watch, but won’t find in every carabiner watch.

How to wear a carabiner watch?

Use the easy to snap carabiner clip to attach it with a belt loop, backpack, or anywhere you need. That is it; the watch will stay snugly fit there until you remove it.

Final words

It is truly a functional and user-friendly watch when the question is about the outing. Check out the few things you will get from these watches.

  1. Easy to snap carabiner clip.
  2. Waterproof construction.
  3. Sturdy and durable case back.
  4. Easy to read watch dial.
  5. Compass to make your way out.

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