When you want an all-in-one watch with long-lasting service, you can rely on the Citizen AT4010-50E watch without any doubt in mind. There is no need to ask questions about the build quality of the watch. Also, it recharges from natural and other lighting sources that prevent the user from worrying about changing the battery.

You should not leave the article here, because there is detailed information given about this top-class watch. And if you are interested in it continue to read.

Citizen AT4010-50E Watch

Look AT 4010-50E watch at a glance

Before you move on to the details of the watch, you might love to take a quick look at the watch. It will also help you decide quickly whether the watch is appropriate for you or not.

Model number


Item weight

10.4 ounces

Case diameter

42 mm

Display type


Case material


Case thickness

13 mm

Dial color


Bezel material


Band material


Band length

7.5 mm

Band width

24 mm

Clasp type

Fold-over clasp with hidden double push-button

Water resistance

200 meters depth

Watch movement

Japanese quartz

Crystal type

Anti-reflective sapphire

Why Citizen AT4010-50E watch is preferable?

Citizen AT4010-50E Watch image

There are so many praiseworthy features included in the watch that make it worthy of preferring regular usage.

Automatic recharging

The watch comes with a permanent rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which recharges the cell automatically. This relieves the user from worrying about replacing the battery after a certain period. No matter whether you are using the watch under natural light or artificial light, it will always collect the light for recharge.

It will send the energy collected from both natural and artificial light to the cell and continuously recharge the battery automatically.


The most loved side of the watch is that you can use it in the water and have a shower as well. The watch offers up to 200 meters of water resistance deep in the water. It makes the watch suitable for swimming, snorkeling, or even take shower.

Highly durable

The manufacturer has used the most expensive and quality ensured crystal in the watch to ensure durability. There is a sapphire crystal used in the watch. And it extends the lifetime of the watch with the increased durability.

Atomic timekeeping

The time and date in the watch are auto-adjustable as it receives radio signals from across the atomic clocks across the world. The atomic timekeeping provides an accurate result with the least chance of error.

Inclusion of calendar

The calendar included in the watch works well to show the correct dates even in the months with 28, 29, 30, and 31 days. The program included in the watch makes the proper job in the calendar section.

What about the case of Citizen AT4010-50E?

The first thing one buyer looks into a watch while buying is the case type. There are a few things to consider in the case of a watch, the materials, diameter, and thickness, and so on. The manufacturer has used titanium to build the case and also the bezel of the watch.

The size of the case is moderate to fit on both larger and smaller hands measuring around 42 mm in diameter. You won’t find that much comfort wearing an extra thick watch or even if it is extra-thin, the durability would be damaged. Keeping these things in mind, they have kept the thickness around 13 mm.

The case of the watch has a round shape analog design and there are black dials used. It provides a classy and traditional feel to the user’s hand.

Build quality of AT4010-50E

The makers have ensured the durability of the watch by using heavy-duty construction. They used titanium in the whole watch to ensure the build quality. The case, bezel, and band all are constructed using titanium. They also used their proprietary surface hardening coating Duratect with titanium.

This construction makes the watch durable and also provides a lightweight structure. The titanium with Duratect coating on the watch makes it five times more scratch-resistant than stainless steel. Also, it is 40% lighter than a stainless steel constructed watch.

Another noteworthy thing in the watch is the use of sapphire crystal. Sapphire crystal is 3 times harder than mineral crystals and 20 times harder than acrylic crystals. The hardened structure of the crystal increases the durability of the watch as well.

Is AT4010-50E water-resistance

Every modern user wants their watch to be water-resistance allowing them to use it even in watery conditions. Thinking of the demand, Citizen brand has also made this watch highly water-resistant. You can take the watch deep under 200 meters in the water without worrying about any damage.

This allows the user to do professional marine activities, surface water sports, swimming, and scuba diving as well. It is also allowed to take shower with the watch worn on the hand.

Band quality of AT4010-50E

Likewise the case quality, a buyer needs to ensure the band quality as well to get the full service from it. Citizen has used titanium to construct the band and ensure superbly durable performance. It has a 7.5 inches long band, which is appropriate for a regular fit for men.

Again the width of the band is 24 inches making it the perfect size for every user’s hand. The quality of the band is ensured with the titanium construction and the length makes it an ideal one.

What special features are available in AT4010-50E

Except for the basic features, the manufacturer has also added some special features to the watch making it lovable for most modern users. The atomic timekeeping technology synchronized for time adjustment in 5 time zones. This upgraded technology provides almost zero error to the calculation.

Another excellent thing available in the watch is the program of leap year till February 2100. It is automated to identify the months with 28 days, 29 days, 30 days, and 31 days. This allows interruption-free timekeeping in the watch. If you like most fashion with classic design watch you can chose Orient Watches for long time.

Rechargeable AT4010-50E watch

As a user, you don’t have to worry about replacing the battery or recharging it manually. The battery part of the watch is equipped with a permanently rechargeable lithium-ion cell. It recharges the battery when you come in contact with the sunlight. It sends the collected energy to the cell and recharges the battery.

Not only from natural resources, has it collected energy from artificial lighting resources. It uses the energy in the same way as a natural resource and helps to recharge the battery on a regular basis.

It is definitely not an easy decision to choose a well-performed watch with quality. But this watch from a citizen provides everything you need in a high-quality watch making it worth of choice.

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