Maybe you are missing the tachymeter on the rotating bezel or the sub-dials on the main dial while flying. Thinking of these pilots of the USA airlines, Citizen has launched Navihawk and Skyhawk.

These two specialized pilot watches have a lot of things in common, but it’s worth mentioning the differences as well. The first one comes with a caliber Eco-drive U680, whereas the second one has a caliber Eco-drive U600.

Both these watches have similar-looking dials as the dials have a combination of digital and analog functions. Moreover, the inner bezel works as the fuel consumption scale while you are on the flight.

Comparison between Citizen Navihawk and Skyhawk

Before we move on to the real discussion about these two pilot timepieces from Citizen, it’s better to check out the key differences between these two wristwatches.

Citizen NavihawkCitizen Skyhawk
Battery-powered timepieceEco-powered timepiece
Separate crown to rotate the bezelNo separate crown
Eco-drive caliber U680 movementEco-drive caliber U600 movement
Luminous handsLuminous markers and hands
48mm case dial45mm case dial
Both bracelet and rubber strapStainless steel bracelet

About Citizen Navihawk

Navihawk wristwatch is a perfect pilot’s timepiece from Citizen as it comes with all the required features on the dial. The rotating bezel, tachymeter, luminous hands, perpetual calendar, etc.

So what’s not in there? Basically, the completeness of the watch makes it one of the fan’s favorites even if you are a member of the USA airlines.

Key specifications of Navihawk

Case diameter48 millimeters
Case thickness13 millimeters
Case materialStainless steel
MovementCaliber Eco-Drive U680 movement
Water resistance200 meters
CrystalScratch-resistant mineral
MarkersIndex markers
HandsLuminous orange hands
BezelStainless steel fixed bezel
CrownPull or push
Band typeRubber or polyurethane
Band width23 millimeters

More details about the timepiece

Let’s first talk about the case because the notable features are available on the dial of the timepiece. And to get into those features, you must move through the case first.

Although it’s missing the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, the mineral one offers a moderate resistance from scratches as well. It’s neither an analog dial nor a digital one as both features are available.

Closely looking at the watch will tell you that the timepiece comes with a numerous functions including –

  • Perpetual calendar
  • Perpetual calendar chronograph
  • Atomic timekeeping technology
  • 1/100 second chronograph
  • Three luminous hands
  • Power reserve indicator
  • Multiple alarms.

Meanwhile, the atomic timekeeping technology comes with synchronized time adjustment available in 43 world cities. The three unrelated sub-dials do different timekeeping functions in the watch.

There’s a rotating inner bezel inside the dial of the timepiece that works as a fuel consumption scale. Consequently, any user wearing the watch can easily distinguish the fuel usage per mile during a flight.

The date window is available at the 4 o’clock position. The outer bezel has four directions indicating marks on 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock positions.

However, unlike most other watches, Citizen has used three crowns to control the timepiece. These three crowns are available in 1, 2, and 3 o’clock positions.

Meanwhile, the markers are used as a stick in the dial, but these aren’t luminescent. However, the luminous hands make the watch seeable in dark conditions.

One thing to notice about the luminous hands is that these aren’t the best ones used in pilot watches.

The watch undoubtedly comes with a giant dial of 48mm, which is a large one any day. Moreover, the thickness copes up with the diameter and makes it a perfect combo.

It has a solid case back. Therefore, it’s not possible to see through the Japanese movement.

With the 200 meters of water resistance, the timepiece allows the users to dive into the water and have swimming. Moderate splashes, showering, or swimming will not harm the timekeeping.

Meanwhile, one of the crucial aspects of the watch is having two different types of bands. Although both band types are 23mm wide, they are two suits for two different types of users.

The strap has rubber or polyurethane construction, which is good for moderate usage. However, for a classical feel and better longevity, the bracelet comes in first every time.

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Comparison with the competitor: Navihawk vs. Nighthawk

The GMT/Dual time analog display on the left of the watch makes the Citizen Nighthawk a completely different wristwatch from the Navihawk. Now, the question should be, is that all making these two watches are different from?

Nope, watches have a few things in common but a lot of dissimilarities as well. The crystal used in Nighthawk is an anti-reflective mineral crystal. It doesn’t come with any rotating bezel or tachymeter like the Navihawk.

Consequently, it turns out to have more of a flat dial. However, there’s a date window in the dial with a different position. Instead of 4 o’clock, it’s positioned at 3 o’clock.

The hourly markers numerals and sticks instead of only using sticks. One more key difference is having one crown instead of three from the Navihawk.

However, you can have three different bands here including nato, leather, and stainless steel bracelet. 

Is Citizen Navihawk a good watch?

  • A lot of pilot watches feature.
  • Inclusion of tachymeter and rotating bezel
  • Automatic timekeeping technology
  • Inner rotating bezel
  • Luminous hands
  • Two extra crowns
  • Three sub-dials with date window
  • Up to 660 feet of water resistance.

Is there any drawback of the watch?

  • No numeral markers
  • Mineral crystal is used instead of sapphire crystal.

About Citizen Skyhawk

It’s hard to define if there is any major difference between Navihawk and Skyhawk watches from Citizen as they are made for the same purpose.

However, the Skyhawk comes with relatively a smaller dial compared to the Navihawk. But at the same time, the dial stands comparatively on the thicker side.

Key specifications of Navihawk:

Case diameter45 millimeters
Case thickness15 millimeters
Case materialStainless steel
MovementCaliber Eco-Drive U600 movement
Water resistance200 meters
CrystalScratch-resistant mineral
MarkersLuminous index markers
HandsSilver-tone hands
BezelStainless steel bi-directional rotating bezel
CrownPull or push
Band typeStainless steel bracelet
Band width23 millimeters

More details about the timepiece

The technology, functions, and design seem identical here but still come with a lot of differences. Skyhawk has comparatively an aggressive and eye-catchy look according to most of the users.

The mineral crystal used on the dial is anti-reflective that shouldn’t bother the user to have clear timekeeping under direct sunlight as well. However, it has similar 660 feet of water resistance to the Navihawk timepiece.

Moreover, the time adjustment technology that is synchronized with 43 cities of the world is available in this watch as well. Also, the 1/100 seconds chronograph measures up to 24 hours.

The watch comes with two alarm options and a backlight display. You will also have a 99-minute of countdown timer on the timepiece.

However, the inclusion of a power reserve indicator and the perpetual calendar makes it more of a pilot’s wristwatch. Meanwhile, it works through a different caliber from navihawk, which is Eco-drive U600.

One of the finest features of the watch is having both luminous hands and markers. Moreover, it comes with a stainless steel bracelet that provides a better lifespan than the polyurethane one of Navihawk.

Is Citizen Navihawk a good watch?

  • Has both luminous markers and hands
  • Numeral hour markers
  • Three crowns
  • Both digital and analog display
  • Inclusion of rotating bezel
  • Long-lasting stainless steel bracelet
  • Power reserve indicator.

Is there any drawback of the watch?

  • Mineral crystal instead of sapphire one.

Which is the affordable option from Citizen: Navihawk or Skyhawk?

Basically, both these timepieces belong to similar price points, and the average price ranges from $360 to $450. However, the exact price depends on which model you select from these two wristwatch types.

Citizen has included almost identical features in these two wristwatches that have made it tough for us to choose the right one. However, it hasn’t impacted the pricing, and the buyer can remain relaxed about this one thing.

Which one should you go for?

The difference between Navihawk and Skyhawk seems minimal, but sometimes these things can turn into the deciding factors. Different buyers have different tastes that leaving us to show the difference between two close competitors.

The above discussion has taken you through every aspect of these watches, but our team didn’t claim a particular one as the winner.

So, it’s up to the buyer, at last, to define which one perfectly matches his needs.

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