Turn the case back of the apple watch you have and know which, series of watches you are using. However, you should visit apple’s check coverage page and enter the serial number of the watch.

Indirectly, I wanted to mean that there are several ways to check which apple watch you have. If you categorize, you can check it through the watch itself and take the help of your iPhone. Here, we will talk about every method to identify your apple watch model.

Also, you will know the serial number, model number, and key specs of all apple watch series. Now, do a wise thing by continuing to read.

Identifying the Apple watch model

Identifying the Apple watch model

There are two devices you can take help to identify the Apple watch model, your apple watch and your iPhone. You can get the watch model from your watch. But for details, you should use the watch app on the iPhone.

Check out the following chart that contains the simple processes to check which apple watch model you are using.

Identifying category 

Process to find


Apple watch

Case back > Top part

Series & serial number

Settings > General > About

Version and model number


Apple watch app > Settings > General > About

Version, part number, model number, and serial number

Apple check coverage page > Serial number > Code

Every details

Each of these processes is efficient. The difference is that one provides more information, whereas the other one provides a bit less. Let’s talk about these methods in detail.  

Checking apple watch series and model through the watch

There are two methods to check using the watch around your wrist. The easiest method is to look at the case back. Here you go.

  1. Take off the watch from your wrist.
  2. Turn around the case.
  3. Look at the top part of the case to identify the watch series.
  4. It will tell the case diameter and construction material.
  5. Water resistance and glass type.
  6. You will get the serial number.
  7. Will show GPS and cellular if it has.

The second method is also easy but provides less information comparatively. However, you don’t need to take off the watch for this.

  1. Go to settings on the watch dial.
  2. Click on general.
  3. Now click about.
  4. You will see the version and model number of the watch.

Checking apple watch series and model using an iPhone

If you wear an apple watch, it’s quite obvious to have an iPhone. And to check the watch model, it can come in handy. Likewise apple watch, you have got two methods here to identify the watch model.

The first one is by using the apple watch app, and the process is almost similar to what you have done in the watch settings. However, it shows a bit more details and one extra thing you need to do here.

  1. Open apple watch app.
  2. Go to settings.
  3. Then click on general.
  4. Move on about.
  5. You will get the version, part number or order number, and serial number.
  6. The part number starts with M.
  7. Now click on the part number.
  8. A five-digit number starting with A will appear, and it is the model number.

The second process is a bit trickier compared to the above three processes but contains more details.

  1. Enter into a browser.
  2. Then type - checkcoverage.apple.com
  3. A box will appear seeking the serial number.
  4. Now enter the serial number you got from the settings of the watch.
  5. Then enter the code below.
  6. By clicking continue, you will get every detail about the watch.

Which series of Apple watches do you have

You can follow any of these above methods to know which series of apple watch you have. You may have already found the easiest method is by turning around the case back. You need nothing except taking off the watch from your wrist for this.

On the other hand, using a watch app on the iPhone helps you gain more information if you want to know about the watch model. The most reliable of these is apple’s check coverage page.

Model numbers of Apple watch series

You have got the model number and series you wanted to know about your apple watch. To prove that you have to genuine watch on your wrist, you might love to know the model numbers of particular watch models.

So, when you check the number on any website or in the phone’s setting, you won’t get confused. Thinking so, we are here to provide the model numbers of apple watches from 1st generation to apple watch 6 series.

Apple watch series


Model number

1st generation

38 mm diameter


42 mm diameter


Series 1

38 mm


42 mm


Series 2

38 mm


42 mm


38 mm (Edition)


42 mm (Edition)


Series 3

38 mm (GPS)


42 mm (GPS)


38 mm (GPS + Cellular)

A1860, A1889, A1890

42 mm (GPS + Cellular)

A1861, A1891, A1892

Series 4

40 mm (GPS)


44 mm (GPS)


40 mm (GPS + cellular)

A1975, A2007

44 mm (GPS + cellular)

A1976, A2008

Series 5

40 mm (GPS)


44 mm (GPS)


40 mm (GPS + cellular)

A2094, A2159

44 mm (GPS + cellular)

A2095, A2157

Series 6

40 mm (GPS)


44 mm (GPS)


40 mm (GPS + cellular)

A2293, A2375

44 mm (GPS + cellular)

A2294, A2376

Apple watch SE

40 mm (GPS)


44 mm (GPS)


40 mm (GPS + cellular)

A2353, A2355

44 mm (GPS + cellular)

A2354, A2356

Each apple watch has a unique model number that starts with A and has more than four digits. 

How to identify whether it has cellular or not

From series 3, Apple has been producing watches with cellular and GPS. The same watch model has two categories depending on cellular function. One comes only with GPS, whereas the other one comes with GPS and cellular. This watch screen and GPS of others features are enouth good. Sometimes if any accident your apple watch screen broken this cost range around $160 to $ 800, according to howmuchhub.

It’s very easy to identify whether the watch model has cellular or not. Follow the below steps for this.

  1. Take a look at the right side of the watch dial.
  2. You will find a digital crown.
  3. There may be a red circle or dot designed on it.
  4. If there is, then it has cellular.
  5. If there isn’t, it is a normal GPS watch model.

Final words

Knowing which apple watch model you are using is not a tough task anymore for those who have read the whole article carefully.

  1. Settings > General > About
  2. Click on the part or order number.
  3. A five-digit number will appear.
  4. It is the model number.
  5. The series number is shown above the order number.

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