Movado watches are mostly known for their signature watch, which is the museum watch. Movado produces both expensive and affordable watches. The price of movado watches ranges from $250 to $3000. The pricing of the watch depends on several factors as well. You also find some great movado watch under 500$.

If you are interested in finding this different type of classy watch at an affordable price range, Movado will help you a lot in this regard. And here in the article, we will go through everything about the cost of Movado watches.

Movado watch Cost

Are Movado watches expensive?

Although Movado watches are not among the most expensive watches among the most popular watch brands, the structure of the watch and outlook really represents them as an expensive one. If you compare this watch brand to the top watch brands in the world, you can get the price difference.

There are both cheap watches as low as $250 available in Movado and expensive watches that may well go up to $1,000 also available. In this circumstance, you may not call it an expensive watch brand. But even in this affordable price range, the manufacturer didn’t compromise the quality of the product.

Especially talking about the design of the museum watch, Movado can easily be regarded as an expensive watch brand.

Also, the quality of the dial and band makes it a perfect choice for the users under an affordable price range. The makers didn’t compromise the quality of the watches in the design and not even in the assembling.

From all these points of view, it won’t be a foolish thing to call Movado an expensive watch brand.

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Cost Movado watches

The cost of Movado watches ranges from $250 to $1,000, and few crucial things effects the cost of these watches. Movado makes watches for both male and female users. Also, to bring a classy look to the watches and differentiate those from one another, different bands are used.

Typically, male watches are a bit pricier compared to female watches because of the design and other functionalities of the watch. If you find reasonable price watch, you should need Ted Baker Watch.



Band types

Variable cost depending on bands


$500 to $1,000

Link bracelet

$750 to $1,000

Mesh bracelet

$400 to $650

Leather strap

$300 to $500


$300 to $750

Link bracelet

$600 to $750

Mesh bracelet

$350 to $650

Leather strap

$250 to 400

Bangle band

$400 to $500

Movado watches for males: Typically, quality watches made of male users are available from $500 to $1,000. These watches have a larger dial, mostly the color of the watches for male users’ changes from black, blue, golden, or grey. The dial is made of stainless steel without any doubt.

It offers a bigger dial measuring more than 40 mm in diameter, which can go up to 44 mm as well. Male users have two main buckle options as well. This includes a bracelet and leather buckle. The buckle of male watches is also a bit longer compared to female watches to fit perfectly on the male users’ hands.

Movado watches for female: Coming out of the male watches with larger dials, watches for female users seems a lot affordable. The cost of these watches ranges from $300 to $750 approximately. The watch dial here is a lot smaller compared to the dials used on male watches.

The dial is approximately 36 to 38 in diameter. Also, the band is shorter here to provide a perfect fit on the female user’s hand. Except for bracelets and leather buckles, female users also bangle bands in the watches.

Another big reason behind the variety of costs of Movado watches is the type of bands used to build the watch. There are mainly four types of bands used in these watches to let the manufacturer maintain the quality at an affordable price range.

Link bracelet: Watch like Movado Men's BOLD Metals Watch with a Printed Index Dial comes with a link bracelet type band. The cost of watches having link bracelets typically ranges stays around $750 to $1,000 as it is the expensive and most loved design by the users.

Mesh bracelet: Bracelet bands are always liked by the users and after ling bracelet, it is the mesh design that most users thoughts of having. You will find watches like Movado Men's Swiss Quartz Watch with Stainless Steel Strap spending something from $400 to $650.

Leather band: MOVADO Swiss Museum Classic Black Dial Men's Gold Slim Leather Watch is a lovable watch by users because of the strong leather buckle. Watches with leather buckle ranges from $300 to $500 approximately. Although, a leather buckle is a bit downgrade compared to bracelet bands in terms of popularity. But the strength of the buckle makes them worthy of choice.

Bangle band: Bangle bands are not used on male watches because these are specialized ones for watches for female users. Female watches with bangle bands can range from $400 to $500 approximately.

Types of Movado watch

From the invention of this brand, they have produced a lot of watch models and among these, the most popular one is the museum dot watch model.

Museum watch: It is a single dot watch, which was introduced in 1948. The dot is situated right on the 12 o’clock point.

Polyplan watch: It was introduced back in 1912 with a curved, rectangular design. Due to this design, the watch stayed snugly fit on the wrist.  

Pocket watch: They started the journey of pocket watches in 1920 by making the Ermento pocket watch. The watch had two sliders on both sides for a secured fit inside the pocket.

Digital watch: During the 1930s, Movado introduced the digital watch. The watches allow the user to have the information of day and date alongside the time shown on the dial.

Calendar watch: They made calendar watches to especially let the users keep pace with the moving time, date, month, and year. The manufacturing of these watches continued till the 1970s.

How much it costs to repair the glass of the Movado watch?

Different types of glass are used in the Movado watch models, including acrylic, mineral, and sapphire. Acrylic is the cheapest and sapphire is the most expensive glass used in watches. The cost of glass repairing or replacing ranges from $50 to $80.

The cost varies depending on the type of glass you are replacing and also on the model of watch you are going to apply this replacement.

Cost of replacing a Movado watch battery

You can replace the Movado watch battery by yourself, which is the most cost-friendly option, and it will not cost you more than $10. However, if you don’t want to take any risk about this, you should rather spend around $30 and go to a local shop for this.

The cost of replacement can get three times higher compared to the local shop if you take it to the official Movado retailer. This can cost somewhere near $100, but will also ensure to maintain the quality of the watch.

Are Movado watches worth to price?

As for the unique design and the construction of the watch, one can undoubtedly say that Movado watches are worth to price. No matter how much money you are spending on the watch, there is no doubt about the quality of the product.

Even spending around $1,000 won’t hurt your wallet because of the quality ensured by the manufacturer. And you might love to have the affordable ones for sure if you have a shortage in the budget.

The price of Movado watches ranges somewhere from $250 to $1,000 and you already know the factors for which the price of the watches varies. You can bring a classy look to the outfit by putting one on the wrist.

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