It is not that you can’t find melodies or chime music on other wall clocks, but Seiko seems to do a pretty better job in this field. They have constructed the clocks with Swarovski crystals, which create an eye-catching look.

Moreover, the inclusion of 30 different melodies with volume control is a rare thing to get in other wall clocks. Also, if you like a pendulum, you will get it as the clocks have a one-way pendulum on the main dial.

Here, we will cover three top wall clocks from Seiko with melodies in motion. To decorate your room or hallway with easy to read clock dial, these clocks can be a suitable choice.

Seiko melodies in motion clock review

SEIKO Melodies in Motion QXM386BRHZ Clock and all about

With 30 melodious songs, the clock enhances the beauty of any space. It is quite a large clock for wall mounting, and the manufacturer has added a dedicated slot on the back of it. It also lets the user control the music.

Before moving further about this clock, let’s know what specialized things it offers.

  1. The clock comes with Swarovski crystal construction.
  2. It has 12 Swarovski crystals.
  3. The clock's face splits and rotates while playing music.
  4. The manufacturer added 30 melodious songs.
  5. It is 17.5 inches in length and 16 inches in width.
  6. It requires four C batteries to operate.
  7. There is a volume control button on the back of the clock.
  8. It has light sensors.

What the users say about this clock

It is the Swarovski crystals, which catch the users’ attention most. Using 13 crystals, the manufacturer has enhanced the clock's beauty and let the users not regret the purchase. Moreover, the melodious songs on every hour keep you updated.

There is another attractive side of the clock, which the users have praised most about. It is when the clock's face splits and rotates with the music sounds. However, some find it annoying as well as they can’t read the time properly then.

Talking about the users' complaints, we need to tell them about the battery function. The manufacturer has included four required batteries in the package. However, most users found these batteries short-lasting.

The problem increases to its peak when one replaces the batteries with newer ones. Since the replacement, the clock stops functioning, and that is not a good thing at all.

You need to know more about the clock

It is a classic clock that comes with a decorative dial. However, it’s not a giant oversized wall clock as it measures only 17.5 inches in length, 16 inches in width, and has a depth of 3.75 inches. The manufacturer used a metallic case to design the clock.

The clock dial holds a different value to the design as it splits when the music plays. It splits into three sections and rotates with the musical sound. There is a one-way rotating pendulum available downside the clock dial, which is not as big as that are in Howard Miller wall clocks.

Talking about the dial rotation, you need to relate the melodious music with it. There are 30 songs included in the clock with volume control. There is a dedicated button on the back of the clock to find a suitable volume.

It plays classical music, holiday songs, and glass bell tracks, and so on. However, you need to insert the required four batteries inside to play these songs. Another special feature of the clock is having a light sensor. It turns off the light, and music play in dark.

Seiko Melodies in Motion Shooting Stars Wall Clock and all about

You can easily enhance the beauty of the wall and have melodious songs playing every hour by installing this wall clock. Seiko has added 18 melodies and chimes in the clock to function every hour.

However, it also has a light sensor to shut of these melodies and lightings when it is dark. Let’s know what more the clock offers to the users.

  1. The manufacturer used six Swarovski crystals in the clock.
  2. It comes with a silver-tone wooden case.
  3. There is a one-way rotating pendulum available on the dial.
  4. It requires two C and three AA batteries to operate.
  5. It measures 16.5 inches in length & 15.25 inches in width.
  6. Volume control is available on the back part.
  7. It comes with an automatic light sensor.

What the users say about this clock

When the users want to come out of 3D LED wall clocks, they just love the roundish Swarovski crystal design of this classic clock. Most wall clocks that offer chime music doesn’t have a rounded shape, but it does.

The Westminster chime on every hour keeps the user updated about the moving time. Also, the rest of the songs are pleasant for anyone. The good side is that they can easily control the volume, and it is indeed a handy feature.

The main clock dial is large enough for easy readability. However, the inclusion of the pendulum increases its beauty and performance. However, it could have been better if the case was made of metal instead of wood.

You need to know more about the clock

Take it as a classic wall clock, and you will get more than you want. The design is quite simple having a wooden frame with a silver-tone finish. Sometimes, you might find it like a metallic frame as well.  

The clock dial is 16.5 inches in length, 15.25 inches in width, and 2.75 inches thick. There is a one-way pendulum available on the down part of the case. The manufacturer used six Swarovski crystals to construct the clock.

The back part of the clock is very functional. There is an allotted spot to hang it through the wall. You will get battery inserting space down the hanging space, which accommodates two CC batteries and three AA batteries.

Besides, the speaker portion is also situated on the back. Moreover, it has a sound-controlling switch there. Therefore, you can find the most suitable volume of the melodies or chime. The clock operates through quartz movement.

SEIKO Summer Symphony Melodies in Motion Clock and all about

Having melodies and chime music in wall clocks is not a new thing. But when you can control the volume, it turns out a superb thing for sure. The manufacturer of this wall clock has added 30 fine melodies.

At the same time, they added a volume controlling feature here. Before going deep into these things, let’s know what the clock offers to the users.

  1. The clock has 30 finest quality melodies.
  2. It has light sensors for automatic disengagement.
  3. There is a volume control button on the back.
  4. It is equipped with a one-way pendulum.
  5. It measures 18.31 inches long and 15.12 inches wide.
  6. A demonstration button is available.

What the users say about this clock

The sound quality and music selection are impressive in the clock. So far, none has complained about melodies and volume. One main reason is that the manufacturer allows them to control the volume depending on the comfort.

Another superb feature, which is loved by most users, is the addition of an automatic light sensor. When the clock detects there is no light in the room, it won’t play the music. It creates a comfortable sleeping environment at night.

You need to know more about the clock

The clock looks simple, but it is indeed a functional one. Seiko has successfully used Swarovski crystal in the clock and protected the dial with glass. The clock frame comes with a brown finish.

It is enough large wall clock for easy timekeeping that measures 18.31 inches in length and 15.12 inches in width. However, it has 3.98 inches depth. The main dial is situated in the middle of the clock, and there is a one-way pendulum underneath.

The manufacturer has used 30 melodies in the clock, and one of these will automatically play every one hour. It has a functional back part with volume control and a demonstration button. Also, you need to insert the battery there.

Final words

If you want to come out of the traditional wall clocks, try out one of these clocks from Seiko. Here’s what you will get in the clocks.

  1. 30 pleasing melodies and chimes.
  2. Volume control function.
  3. Automatic light sensor.
  4. Swarovski crystal construction.
  5. Durable metallic frame.

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