If you are a heavy sleeper and often get late for the office, you need a perfect partner to wake you up in the morning. And if you don't have one, check out the alarm clocks from Sharp without any delay.

The list contains the top seven alarm clocks from Sharp, and it starts with Sharp Digital Alarm Clock, which has a clear viewing LED display with red digits. However, some of the clocks from the brand have a swivel projection function as well.

The list doesn't only contain digital clocks, but it has some simply designed analog clocks. The functionalities are praiseworthy of the clocks, and you should know the things to consider.

best Sharp Alarm Clock

Is a Sharp alarm clock good?

Without any doubt, Sharp alarm clocks are a worthy choice to wake you up in the morning. These are specialized clocks made for alarming features. Moreover, the clear LED screen makes it easy to read the time.

Guys who still have confusion about the quality of these clocks should know what they offer to the users.

  1. Digital clocks have an easy-to-read LED display.
  2. Allows changing display brightness.
  3. Analog clocks have easy to read display with markers and handles.
  4. It offers projection light.
  5. The base ensures a sturdy setup.
  6. Highly functional with the switches on the top or back.
  7. It offers alarm snoozing from 4 to 9 minutes.
  8. It has ascending alarm volume.
  9. The clocks have more than enough battery backup.

Don’t you think these features are enough to prove these clocks worthy as tabletop wall clocks? Depending on the model you are buying, the features might differ. However, the basic features are enough to make Sharp alarm clocks good.

Best Sharp Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is the most necessary thing for a heavy sleeper, and if it is from Sharp, the job is half done. The extra features, functionalities, ascending alarm volume, dual volume setup, and so on are not available in most other alarm clock-making brands.

Here are the top alarm clocks from Sharp, which have some distinguishing features and some primary features to fulfill your demands.

1. Sharp Digital Alarm Clock

Sharp Digital Alarm Clock


Brand: Sharp

Weight: 13.4 ounces

Key features

  1. The clock comes with a 1.8 inches red LED display.
  2. It has 9 minutes snooze alarm.
  3. High and low alarm volume is available.
  4. It offers high and low display brightness.
  5. It has a 90-degree case swivel.
  6. There is a no-worry battery backup option.

User experience

With the swivel base, the clock turns out easy to use. Moreover, the red LED digits on display ensure clarity in timekeeping. Also, the sound of the alarm clock is loud enough to wake up a person in deep sleep.

It also supports quite well with battery backup. However, the users are not satisfied with the construction quality as it has a cheap build quality. Moreover, it doesn't allow any hassle-free functioning using the side switches. But the high-pitch sounds seem annoying.

More details about the clock

It is a tabletop digital wall clock that has a rectangular-shaped display. The display offers both high and low brightness options. It allows the user to set the most appropriate brightness level for the illuminating red digits on the clock screen.

The clock offers a loud alarm sound with an adjustable volume level. Moreover, the alarm offers nine minutes of snoozing function. The inclusion of a 90-degree swivel design on the base of the tabletop clock enhances the functionality. It requires 120 volts of AC power to let the clock operate.

One can simply connect the power cord into the AC outlet to let it gather power. Moreover, it can provide backup support with the 9V battery. However, it is not available in the package, and you need to purchase it separately.


  1. The digital display makes it easy to read the time.
  2. You can increase or decrease the alarm volume.
  3. It offers a swivel base.
  4. The clock has an alarm snoozing of up to 9 minutes.
  5. It backs up the power with the 9V battery.


  1. The construction quality is cheap.
  2. The side switches are not well-functioning.


With the adjustable alarm sound, you can take DreamSky Large Digital Alarm Clock as an alternative to the Sharp digital clock. It also comes with a black, rectangular case and red digits. You can also adjust the display brightness from 0 to 100 here.

2. Sharp Twin Bell Alarm Clock

Sharp Twin Bell Alarm Clock


Brand: Sharp

Weight: 11.7 ounces

Key features

  1. The clock has real metal twin bells and a hammer.
  2. It comes with a touch-activated backlight.
  3. It has an easy-to-read white dial.
  4. An on & off switch is available for the alarm.
  5. There are alarm set and time set switches are available on the back.
  6. It requires one AA battery.

User experience

This classic alarm clock has an easy-to-read dial to let the users keep pace with the time conveniently. Moreover, the loudness of the metal bell alarms is enough to wake a person in deep sleep.

The users find it handy to use in dark conditions by applying backlight and let the dial face glow. Again, there are no such difficulties in setting the time or alarm. The dedicated switch makes both these tasks hassle-free.

More details about the clock

It’s a complete analog alarm clock with a metal bell ring and hammer. Both the front and back part of the clock is crucial for functionalities. Talking about the front side, it comes with a white analog dial.

The dial has black number markers with black handles. However, you have the touch-responsive backlight on the clock that can illuminate the dial window at night for a clear view. It has a backlight button or switches on the back of the clock.

Three more are switches available on the back including alarm setting switch, alarm on/off switch, and time setting switch. It is a battery-powered clock and has a battery compartment on the down-back part.


  1. The alarm sound is enough for waking from a deep sleep.
  2. It offers an easy-to-read dial.
  3. The task of setting time and alarm is hassle-free.
  4. The dial glows in the dark using the backlight feature.


  1. The backlight illuminates as long as you are pressing the button on the back.
  2. It doesn’t allow setting up the alarm twice a day.


Change the white dial into black and go for Bernhard Products Analog Alarm Clock 4" Twin Bell as an alternative to the listed clock. It has similar features as the sharp clock. But the dial comes black, and the markers with handles are white.

3. Sharp Digital Alarm Clock – Black Case with Red LEDs

Sharp Digital Alarm Clock – Black Case with Red LEDs


Brand: Sharp

Weight: 9.1 ounces

Key features

  1. The clock comes with 0.7 inches LED display.
  2. It has top buttons for alarm and time settings.
  3. The manufacturer used an ascending alarm volume.
  4. It allows setting dual alarms.
  5. Two AA batteries are required for the clock function.

User experience

The ascending alarm volume lets the sound reach every corner of the room. It can conveniently wake any deeply slept person with a loud sound. Moreover, the user finds it easy to set the time and alarm on the clock.

The illuminating brightness on the clock screen offers easy to read the time. It also ensures a good battery backup. However, the users seem to be satisfied with the look and overall functionalities.

More details about the clock

It is another digital alarm clock in the list that has a dual alarm setting option. The rectangular screen features a bright and illuminating digital display. Except for showing the time, it displays both alarm one and alarm two settings on the left side.

To control all functionalities of the clock, the manufacturer has added several switches on the top. On the left side, it has a minute setting, hour setting, and alarm on/off switch. However, it has one long snoozing switch.

Meanwhile, on the right side, it has time set and alarm setting switches. Also, there is a dedicated switch for alarm one or two or dual alarm settings. The clock requires two AA batteries, which are not available in the package.


  1. The illuminating display is easy to read.
  2. It provides loud alarming sounds with ascending volume.
  3. It is easy to function using the dedicated switches on the top.
  4. One can easily set up the time and alarm on the clock.


  1. It doesn’t have any separate button to shut off the alarm.
  2. The ascending alarm volume doesn't work perfectly.


You can choose Timex T121B Alarm Clock with 0.7-Inch Red Display as an ideal alternative to the listed item. It comes in with a sleek design and LED display with immense clarity. The inclusion of several buttons on top makes the clock very much functional.

4. Sharp Digital Alarm Clock with USB

Sharp Digital Alarm Clock with USB


Brand: Sharp

Weight: 1.08 pounds

Key features

  1. The clock comes with 0.7 inches LED display.
  2. Below the display, it has a 2 amp USB port.
  3. It has two power outlets beside the display.
  4. It offers three levels of display brightness.
  5. There are control buttons available on the top of the clock.
  6. It has a surge protection switch.

User experience

It is a great bedside clock for the added functionalities. But the alarm sound is not satisfactory here. If you are amongst the deep sleepers, you may not find the clock useful. However, there isn’t any issue noticeable regarding the timekeeping as it is easy to read.

It is also a highly recommended one for those users, who want to charge the phone often while going to bed. Meanwhile, the extra power outlets come in handy as well.

More details about the clock

Don’t think of it as a simple LED alarm clock, because it has more functions than a clock. First of all, the front face has a bright and illuminated LED display. Moreover, it has an alarm and a.m/p.m indicator on the left side of the display.

You will find a USB port below the display, which comes in use to charge any smartphone. The manufacturer made the clock more functional by adding two power outlets. These outlets are not common in alarm clocks.

It provides electricity to low-wattage items. There are a total of five buttons available on the top that includes hour, minute, time, alarm, on/off switch, and a snooze button.


  1. The USB ports let charging smartphones.
  2. It is easy to use with the functional buttons on the top.
  3. You can snooze or dim the alarm using the dedicated switch.
  4. The power outlets are used for low-wattage items.
  5. It supports battery backup.
  6. It is easy to read the time.


  1. The alarm sound is way low to wake a sleeping person instantly.
  2. Plugging in any phone to a USB port takes the time to 12:00.


If charging any smartphone is another reason for buying a digital alarm clock, check out Marathon Wireless Fast Dual Charging Clock once. The clock doesn’t have any USB port, but it charges the phone with a wireless charging feature.

5. Sharp Spc844a Travel Alarm Clock

Sharp Spc844a Travel Alarm Clock


Brand: Sharp

Weight: 0.4 pounds

Key features

  1. The clock comes with a black plastic case.
  2. It offers as the backlight on-demand with auto turn-off.
  3. It has 4 minutes of alarm snoozing.
  4. The alarm provides ascending alarm volume.
  5. One AA alkaline battery is required for operating.

User experience

Although it is a small clock, users love to have it in their living room because of the sweet ticking sound. However, not everyone is a fan of the ticking sound. It functions well and also provides an easy-to-read analog screen.

But the problem creates at night as the dial window doesn’t illuminate at night to provide clarity in the vision. Most users find it almost useless at times. However, when it comes to the alarm sound, the clock does a superb job with the ascending sound.

More details about the clock

This lightweight alarm clock from Sharp comes with an analog dial window and plastic construction. In the dial, it has black number markers with black handles. Moreover, the manufacturer has added an illuminating green tip design on the hour and minute handles.

Also, there is a dedicated red, slim handle for alarm. As it is a tabletop clock, the base is flat, not round-shaped. Both base and the frame have plastic construction. The clock uses quartz movement for precise timekeeping.

The clock needs four AA alkaline batteries to operate, but the package doesn't come with these. You will also find a backlight on-demand with an auto-off function.


  1. The analog face of the clock is easy to read.
  2. It can show time in dark conditions with a backlight feature.
  3. The ascending alarm volume provides a loud sound.
  4. It ensures a sturdy setup with a flat plastic base.


  1. Batteries are not available in the package.
  2. It creates a noisy ticking sound.


Users can take Tinload 4" Silent Analog Alarm Clock Non Ticking as an ideal alternative to the listed Sharp alarm clock. Although the design of these two clocks is not similar, both of them have a flat base. Also, they have a white dial with black markers & handles.

6. Sharp Projection Alarm Clock

Sharp Projection Alarm Clock


Brand: Sharp

Weight: 1.05 pounds

Key features

  1. The clock has an adjustable 90-degree viewing time projection.
  2. The manufacturer included eight soothing sleep sounds.
  3. It comes with display dimmer control.
  4. It supports dual alarm settings.
  5. The clock needs two AAA batteries to operate.

User experience

The illuminating light display on the ceiling from the projector mode is the most attractive feature of the clock. It provides easy to read the time on the ceiling and the clock display.

Moreover, the addition of several buttons on top of the clock makes it convenient to use. On the other hand, most users find issues with changing the direction of the projector. Also, the construction quality doesn’t seem satisfactory.

More details about the clock

It is entirely a different alarm clock in the list, which offers a projection function to the display time on the ceiling. It has a 90-degree swivel projection for a better viewing angle. The display shows the time, dual alarm time, and soothing sleeping music playing.

One can easily adjust the display brightness using the dedicated switch on top of the clock. The dual alarm settings allow you set one alarm for weekdays and another one for weekends. It has a total of eight soothing sleep sounds.

However, the functional clock has a bunch of switches on the top. In the first row, it has alarm one, alarm two, and time setting switches. Also, a projector on/off switch is available here. The second row contains reduce button, snooze button, sleep soothing button, and advance button.


  1. It displays the time on the ceiling through projection.
  2. The eight soothing sleep sounds turn out useful at night.
  3. It is easy to function using the switches.
  4. You can set two alarms on the clock.
  5. One can adjust the display brightness.


  1. The construction quality is not up to the mark.
  2. The projector doesn’t offer a complete 90-degree movement.


You can also have a proper projection on Dr. Prepare Projection Alarm Clock for Bedrooms. As an alternative, it offers something better than the particular sharp clock model. The projector has a 180-degree swivel for a better view of the ceiling or wall.

7. Sharp Quartz Analog Mint Ascending Alarm Clock


Brand: Sharp

Weight: 4.3 ounces

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used plastic to construct the clock frame.
  2. It comes with a demand backlight function.
  3. The alarm has four minutes of snoozing.
  4. It has ascending alarm volume.
  5. The clock works on one AA battery.
  6. It is equipped with one alarm on/off switch.

User experience

The ascending sound on the alarm works well on the clock to serve the user in the best possible way. Moreover, the lightweight and functional design make it an ideal choice for day-to-day usage.

Users have mixed reactions regarding the ticking sound. Some take it positively, while others think that the sound is an annoying one. Moreover, the quartz movement ensures accurate timekeeping.

More details about the clock

It is a complete plastic build alarm clock, which has an analog but functional dial window. The white dial with clear markers & handles makes it easy to read the time. The alarm starts from a low tone, and gradually it goes up.

You will get four minutes of snoozing time on the alarm. It operates through quartz movement and requires one AA battery. However, the manufacturer has not included the battery in the package.

With the on-demand backlight, the clock becomes useful at night as well. On the backside, it has time set, alarm set, alarm on/off, and snoozing switches. Also, it comes with a dedicated battery compartment.


  1. The clock is very functional.
  2. The compact size makes it easy to use.
  3. It is an easy-to-read clock with a white dial.
  4. The quartz movement ensures precise timekeeping.
  5. It provides a louder alarming sound gradually.
  6. A sturdy setup is possible with the clock.


The ticking sound sometimes becomes annoying.


CKV 4 inch Silent Analog Alarm Clock Non Ticking with Music Wake is a suitable alternative to the sharp alarm clock. The design looks similar from a distance, although it has a grey color. It comes with a resin construction and requires two AA batteries instead of one.

Things to consider before choosing a Sharp alarm clock

Without having a loud alarm volume, the alarm clock almost turns out useless. However, it would be better if you choose one with a dual alarm feature. There are more things you need to consider before buying an alarm clock from Sharp.

  1. An easy-to-read clock display.
  2. Loud and ascending alarm volume.
  3. It should let you adjust the display brightness level.
  4. A sturdy base is necessary.
  5. Having backlight function on analog clocks.
  6. Dual alarm setting.
  7. Soothing sleep sounds are a good addition.
  8. It must have a good battery backup.

Now let's dive deep into these features and make your buying process a lot convenient.

Clock display

Before talking about the display, you need to decide whether you need an analog alarm clock or a digital one. Analog clocks have a normal display with markers and handles. However, digital clocks have a LED illuminating screen.

Whatever the display, it should ensure easy to read functionality. Some digital clocks also have projection systems to show the time on the ceiling or wall. On the other hand, analog clocks must have a backlight for a clear view at night.


Buying a clock with dual alarm settings is the right decision. However, not every clock from Sharp offers dual alarms. The clocks with dual alarms have one or two or even dual-alarm options.

But the most important side of an alarm clock is the sound level. It should be loud enough to wake a heavy sleeper. It would be great if volume quality is ascending that starts from low and goes to a high pitch.


In digital display, having an adjustable brightness level is mandatory. It allows the user to change the brightness of the display. If it is not easy to read, you can change the brightness into your comfort zone.

Functional switches

Digital clocks have functional switches on the top, and analog clocks have them on the back. It includes time setting, alarm setting, alarm on/ off, and snoozing switch. These basic switches are necessary to let the clock function well.


An alarm clock from Sharp either requires AA or AAA batteries. The number of batteries can range from one to four. The more functions, the more battery it will need. However, you shouldn’t go for a digital clock that doesn’t have a backup battery.


It is hard to think of a tabletop clock without a sturdy base. Most of these clocks have plastic construction. It means the sturdiness depends on the design of the clock rather than the material. However, some models come with a swivel base as well.

Sleep sounds

It’s not a mandatory feature on the clocks but is indeed a useful one. Some rare models from Sharp have soothing sleep sounds. But the truth is, not every sound helps sleep.

Alternative to Sharp alarm clock

Of course, Sharp is not the only brand that makes alarm clocks. It has some other competitive brands, which you can select as alternatives to the listed clocks. Here are some of them.

  1. Timex
  2. Marathon
  3. Tinload
  4. Dreamsky
  5. Bernhard Products and so on.

Some of these brands even offer the exact alternative to one of these listed clocks. However, the others have something better or downgrade the quality. It is up to you whether you want to switch to another brand or not.

Setting up the time on the Sharp alarm clock.

Here, we will tell you how to set up the time on a Sharp alarm clock that has a digital display. Follow the below steps to make the whole task hassle-free.

  1. Activate the time setting by pressing and holding the Time button.
  2. Hold the Time button and press the hour button.
  3. It will take to the correct hour.
  4. Press the minute button by holding the Time button.
  5. It will advance to the correct minute.
  6. When the correct time is on the display, release the time button.

How to set alarm on a Sharp alarm clock

If you know the process, it’s not a difficult task to set an alarm on these clocks. Follow the below for a quicker process.

  1. Slide the alarm switch on alarm 1 or 2 position.
  2. Active alarm setting by pressing the alarm button.
  3. It will create a light when the alarm is activated.
  4. Press the hour button to correct the alarm hour.
  5. Press the minute button to correct it.
  6. Do the above two processes while holding the alarm button.
  7. You can release the button when the correct alarm time is shown on the display.

How much does a Sharp alarm clock cost?

The cost of Sharp alarm clocks ranges from $12 to $30. You can have both analog and digital clocks within this price range. However, the cost mostly depends on the features offered by the particular model.

It means a digital alarm clock with a projection feature will cost more than a normal analog clock. On the other hand, an analog clock with twin head bells and a hammer is pricier than a normal digital alarm clock.


Where are Sharp alarm clocks made?

Sharp alarm clocks are made in China. However, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the clock as it can provide loud sound through the alarms.

Do Sharp alarm clocks feature date or week?

Nope, Sharp alarm clocks don't feature any date or week function. It is a specialized clock for alarm, and they produce both analog & digital clocks. However, none of these versions have date or week functions.

What is used to operate Sharp alarm clocks?

Sharp alarm clocks operate using a battery or electricity depending on the type of clock. An analog clock is battery-powered and mostly needs one AA battery. However, a digital clock needs electricity to operate.

How many alarms can you set on a Sharp alarm clock?

Depending on your need, you can set alarm one or alarm two or both alarms on a particular sharp alarm clock model. But make sure whether the clock models allow dual alarm settings or not.

Final words

You may be worried, whether the clock will work and go on to serve you well while you need it. So, go through the following things that you will get from these clocks.

  1. Easy to read display.
  2. Ascending alarm volume.
  3. Adjustable brightness or backlight function.
  4. Dual alarm option.
  5. Functioning switches.

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