It’s a good thing to have a classic wristwatch in your collection that provides versatile use. Tudor Black Bay watch series is a renowned name in this category as the watches have mostly minimalistic design with high water resistance up to 200 meters.

Moreover, the self-winding automatic movement is a key factor here that makes the watches worth comparing to other high-end watches. Meanwhile, Tudor is a sister brand of Rolex, and that gives you an idea regarding the performance.

What confuses most users is choosing one between Black Bay 26, 41, and 58. So, we’ll dive deep into the article to get the solution.

Comparison between Tudor Black Bay 36, 41, and 58 wristwatches

Although the number beside Black bay indicates the case diameter, the 58 watch model is different. Both 36 and 41 have T600 caliber movement, but the 58 watch model has a different caliber.

Such similarities and dissimilarities are there among these three watch models. The following comparison chart will tell you the rest.

Black Bay 36Black Bay 41Black Bay 58
36mm case diameter41mm case diameter58mm case diameter
150m water resistance150m water resistance200m water resistance
T600 caliberT600 caliberMT5400/ MT5402 caliber
38 hours of power reserve38 hours of power reserve70 hours of power reserve
Costs $2,700Costs $3,100Costs $3,600
Smooth and polished steel bezelSmooth and polished steel bezelUnidirectional rotatable bezel
Sapphire crystalSapphire crystalDomed sapphire crystal

Tudor Black Bay 36

Whether you need an aesthetic watch for the late night or need a classic accessory on your wrist, the Black Bay 36 is ready anytime. Even though it’s not specialized divers watch, one can have moderate swimming with it.

But what makes it more of a classical watch is the compact dial size. If you don’t have giant wrists, then you might love putting the 36mm dial on.

Key factors to consider

Case diameter36 millimeters
MovementSelf-winding caliber T600 mechanical movement
WaterproofingUp to 150 meters
Power reserve time38 hours approximately
Case finishSteel case with polished and satin finish
DialBlue, silver, and black dials
CrystalSapphire crystal
BezelSmooth steel bezel with a polished finish
Winding crownSteel screw-down winding crown
BandSteel, fabric, and leather
Guarantee5-year transferable guarantee

More about this Tudor watch

The first thought that goes into any buyer’s mind after knowing about the case is that, isn’t it too small for my wrist? Well, if you have a big wrist, and are not more of a small watchcase person, then it may not be the appropriate choice.

However, having three different colors of dials including blue, silver, and black might let you think twice. The markers and handles on the dial illuminate in the dark.

Although the sapphire crystal on the dial makes it highly scratch-resistant, the bezel doesn’t have much resistance to scratches. The sole reason behind this is the polished steel finish.

The self-winding automatic movement provides precise timekeeping even if you are swimming for a while. Now, the question that might be rising in your mind is it a diver’s watch?

No, it’s not a diver’s watch like Omega Seamaster, but 500 feet of water resistance is good enough for occasional swimming.

Except for the dial color, you have got three different band options in the watch.

  • Steel bracelet
  • Leather band
  • NATO fabric strap.

The steel bracelet has a satin finish with a folding clasp and safety catch.

Meanwhile, two types of leather bands are available including brown leather and beige aged leather with folding clasp and safety catch. The third one is the fabric strap with a buckle.

It has a steel screw-down crown with an anodized aluminum winding crown tube. Moreover, the Tudor rose in relief is included in the crown.

Is Tudor Black bay 36 a good alternative to Rolex Perpetual?

Well, as you already know that Tudor is a sister brand of Rolex, you may not find a huge difference in this classic watch. But when it comes to affordability, Tudor is at any time a better option than Rolex.

Black Bay 36Oyster Perpetual 
150 meters of water resistance100 meters of water resistance
38 hours of power reserve70 hours of power reserve
Caliber T600 movementCaliber 3230 movement
Steel bracelet with satin finishOyster steel bracelet
Smooth steel bezelDomed bezel
Costs $2,700 (Approximate)Costs $6,000 (Approximate)

Comparing the case diameter, both have 36mm cases. However, perpetual offers 34mm and 41mm dials to present various options to the buyer.

Is the watch beneficial?

Getting a super-cool, versatile watch at an affordable price is a super-cool thing itself. From the self-winding to the water resistance, the watch seems to meet the users’ demands in every sphere.

  • An affordable replacement for a specialized diver’s watch.
  • Precise timekeeping with self-winding mechanical movement.
  • Three different strap options.
  • Hour hand has a classic snowflake design.
  • Illuminating markers and hands.
  • Sapphire crystal with scratch resistance.
  • Three dial colors.

What are the downgrades of this watch?

Now, is the watch good from every point of view? No, it’s not because the polished steel bezel is highly prone to scratches.

  • Comparatively low power reserve time.
  • The steel bezel isn’t scratch resistant.

Tudor Black Bay 41

Why many people like comparing Black Bay 41 to Black Bay 36 is because it has a larger case. And to be honest, there’s not much you can find differences between these two watch models from Tudor.

The 41mm dial will fit any average to large wrist size. However, the minimalistic design makes it a versatile timekeeping accessory too.

Key factors to consider

Case diameter41 millimeters
MovementSelf-winding caliber T600 mechanical movement
WaterproofingUp to 150 meters
Power reserve time38 hours approximately
Case finishSteel case with polished and satin finish
DialBlue, silver, and black dials
CrystalSapphire crystal
BezelSmooth steel bezel with a polished finish
Winding crownSteel screw-down winding crown
BandSteel, fabric, and leather
Guarantee5-year transferable guarantee

More about this Tudor watch

The first question most of our readers want to know is, why anyone on the earth will go for it when there’s already a similar watch? The answer is that it has comparatively a bigger dial.

With the nicely finished steel case and case back, the watch dial becomes scratch and corrosion-resistant. But similar to the Black Bay 36, the polished bezel does become a less scratch-resistant part of the watch.

Again, the use of sapphire crystal provides a superb service as a daily driver, and you don’t have to worry about scratches. However, if you forget to remove the watch during the shower, it’s okay with it.  

The moderate level of water resistance makes it perfectly capable to wear during showers, swimming, or light scuba diving too. Users are delighted to have three dial colors with three different straps here.

It has a silver steel bracelet with a folding clasp and safety catch, which is available in the brown leather strap. Meanwhile, the black fabric strap comes with a buckle.

Tudor Black Bay 41 vs. Rolex Explorer

It’s worth comparing Black Bay 41 and Rolex Explorer as these two watches have a lot of things similar. But the Rolex explorer costs twice that of the Tudor watch model, which appears as a huge difference.

Black Bay 41Rolex Explorer  
41mm case39mm case
150 meters of water resistance100 meters of water resistance
38 hours of power reserve70 hours of power reserve
Snowflake hour hand Mercedes hour hand
Sticks on 3, 6, and 9 positionsNumbers on 3, 6, and 9 positions 
Costs $3,100 (Approximate)Costs $7,000 (Approximate)

Saving half of the money by not purchasing the Rolex watch might decide your fate for the rest of the month. However, Rolex anytime provides a better aesthetic design than Tudor as it’s the mother brand.

Is Tudor Black Bay 41 worth it?

Yes, the watch is worth buying as long as you have a medium-sized to a large-sized wrist. We’d not recommend this particular watch model for those, who have 6.5 inches or lower wrists.

  • It’s an affordable watch pricing half of a Rolex watch with similar specs.
  • Perfect fit on large wrists.
  • Dive, swim or take shower with the watch on.
  • Luminance markers and hands.
  • Three dials and band options.

What are the downgrades of this watch?

If the lugs touch the end of your wrist, that may appear a bit weird. That’s why choosing the right case diameter is mandatory. And sometimes, the 41mm diameter turns out as a downgrade for persons with smaller wrists.

Tudor Black Bay 58

If you need a diver’s watch, you may love putting Omega Seamaster with 300 meters of water resistance on your wrist. But what if you are a Rolex fanboy? Well, that decides Rolex Submariner.

However, another worth option is Black Bay 58 from Rolex’s sister brand, Tudor instead of Submariner which offers 200 meters of resistance.

Key factors to consider

Case diameter39 millimeters
MovementCaliber MT5400 or MT5402
WaterproofingUp to 200 meters
Power reserve time70 hours approximately
Case finishSatin-finished
DialBrown bronze, green, silver, blue, and black dials
CrystalDomed sapphire crystal
BezelUnidirectional rotatable bezel
Winding crownScrew-down winding crown
BandBracelet, leather, taupe fabric
Guarantee5-year transferable guarantee

More about this Tudor watch

Holding this watch for the first time, the first thought that comes to your mind is that it’s a thin watch. Even though it comes with a pretty similar steel case back, it’s just above 13mm thick.

On the other hand, its close competitor the black bay 41 has nearly 15mm of thickness. Meanwhile, the 39mm case diameter makes it a perfect addition to standard-sized wrists.

However, both MT5400 and MT5402 are thin calibers that helped the manufacturer keep the watch case thinner. The in-house movement in the watch isn’t seeable because of not have a transparent case back.

Meanwhile, the unidirectional rotatable bezel makes it significantly different from the 36 and 41 Tudor watch models. The watches have 60 minutes graduated discs in matte green, matte taupe, and matte blue anodized aluminum.

Moreover, it has both silver glided and gold glided markers and numerals. With the sapphire domed crystal on the dial, the watch case becomes highly scratchproof and long-lasting.

However, the watch comes with four different types of bands including –

  • Blue, brown, black leather strap with 925 silver buckle
  • Riveted steel bracelet
  • Domed dark brown alligator strap with 18ct gold buckle
  • Taupe fabric strap with 925 silver buckles.

Again, three different types of winding crowns are available in the watch model.

  • Steel
  • 925 silver
  • 18ct yellow gold.

Tudor Black Bay 58 vs. Omega Seamaster

Black Bay 58 model is particularly a diver’s watch and for that reason, Omega Seamaster appears as a worthy competitor.

Black Bay 58Omega Seamaster 300M
39mm case42mm case
Water-resistant up to 200 meters Water-resistant up to 300 meters
Power reservation of 70 hoursPower reservation of 60 hours 
No date window  A date window 
Costs $3,600 (Approximate)Costs $5,500 (Approximate)

If you keep the price aside, the watch from Omega comes up as a better option for professional divers. However, one downgrade of Seamaster is having 10 hours less power reserve time.

But with the date window and comparatively larger case, Seamaster might be a good option as well.

Why is Black Bay 58 so popular?

Well, the look is always something that makes Tudor 58 watch a competitive option in its price range. But is it only the look or the performance as well that made it a popular watch model?

  • Standard-sized dial case.
  • Highly water-resistant up to 200 meters.
  • A power reserve time of 70 hours.
  • Availability of 18ct yellow gold and silver bezels.
  • Inclusion of rotatable bezel.
  • Two thinner movements.

What are the downgrades of this watch?

Honestly, it’s not a perfect watch without flaws. And knowing about the flaws is kind of necessary for you too. And the main flaw is that it still appears not to be a perfect option for larger wrists.

Are these watches expensive?

Nope, these watches aren’t expensive if you compare these particular models with the competitors. All these three watches are available from $2,500 to $4,000.

Compared to the mother brand of Tudor, Rolex watches with the same features will cost double the price. Moreover, another reputed brand, Omega may not offer you something like this at less than $4,500.

Which Tudor Black Bay should you go for?

Don’t you think, the detailed discussion has already provided your answer? The first and foremost thing to know about these three watches is that they aren’t meant for professional divers’ usage.

However, the 58 Watch model may serve comparatively better underneath water than the 36 and 41 models. However, the rotating bezel appears to be an additional feature in the 58-model that is missing in the other two.

One more crucial thing is the scratch resistance, where all these three seem in the same grade except for the bezel. 36 and 41 models have polished bezels that make them prone to scratch.

Meanwhile, the wrist size may also define which one of these watches is suitable for you. 36-model is mostly for smaller wrists, whereas 41-model is for bigger wrists. But the 58-model will fit from average to the giant-size wrists.

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