After the morning workout session, do you want to know the heart condition? But what’s the simplest way to know the heart rate? Take YAMAY Smart Watch, Watches for Men Women Fitness Tracker, and put it around the wrist to get benefited quickly.

We have come up here with four smartwatches from that has fitness tracker. Each of these watches is compatible with android and iOS. The HD screen with a personalized face makes it a lovely addition to fashion purposes.  

However, the watches have automatic heart rate, blood pressure, sleep trackers, etc. built-in. You need to go further to know more about these watches and purchase the most suitable one.

YAMAY smartwatch reviews

How good YAMAY smartwatches are

When you need a smartwatch, and thinking a lot about the cost, don’t move your attention anywhere other than YAMAY. The watches provide everything you need on a starter smartwatch within the budget.

The watches aren’t expensive like Michael Kors smartwatches but offer a lot more than you can imagine. Here are a few things you need to know about these smartwatches to decide whether it’s good or not.

  1. Has IP67 or IP68 waterproof protection.
  2. Compatible with both android and iOS devices.
  3. Easy to charge within two hours.
  4. The charge lasts for a minimum of seven hours.
  5. Provides 24/7 heart rate data.
  6. Good for the automatic sleeping track.
  7. Different sports and exercises modes are available.
  8. Informs about the incoming notifications and calls.

What else do you need on a starter smartwatch? Our research team thinks, it offers more than a starter smartwatch keeping the price segment within everyone’s reach.

YAMAY smartwatch reviews

For daily usage, a YAMAY smartwatch can come in handy as they are highly functional. The waterproofing HD display, automatic heart rate tracker, sleep tracker, stopwatch, timer, notifications, etc. are some of its features. Let’s go through the below products to know more.

1. YAMAY Smart Watch, Watches for Men Women Fitness Tracker

YAMAY Smart Watch

Key features

  1. 1.3 inches HD screen.
  2. Compatible with iOS 8.0 and android 4.4 smartphones.
  3. IP68 waterproof protection.
  4. Nine sports modes.
  5. Fully charges within 20 hours using magnetic charging.
  6. It has a stopwatch and timer.
  7. Get messages and calls alerts.
  8. Automatic sleep tracker with a vibration alarm.
  9. Adjustable screen brightness.

What users say about the watch

As a starter smartwatch, it does every possible thing you would love to have. The lightweight structure doesn’t create any discomfort on the wrist during long-term usage. It is easy to use and set up the watch.

Most users take it as an affordable alternative to Apple smartwatches. They have immense satisfaction regarding the battery life as it runs for seven to ten days on a single charge. And the charging process is quick and efficient.

The users have loved the functionalities of the watch as it measures heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen rate, keeps sleeping track, etc. It is also pretty easy to use these functions by scrolling the screen.

The adjustable brightness level helps them to find out the most suitable brightness when they are outside or inside. In regular usage, they don’t typically take off the watch as it has IP68 waterproof certification.

More details about the watch

It is truly a functional smartwatch at an affordable price range. The watch screen is 1.3 inches, and it has a soft, changeable band. The softness of the watch band makes it a long-time user.

It has a magnetic charging system on the back of the dial, and the package includes a magnetic charging cable. It takes around 2 hours to get fully charged. Once you have fully charged, it will work for seven to ten days.

It is a waterproof smartwatch having IP68 waterproof certification. If you sweat much, wash your hands, go swim into the water, the watch is going to support you in every situation. It has a stopwatch and timer to keep track of your training or workout sessions.

It works with iOS 8.0 version or above, android 4.4 version or above, and Bluetooth 4.0 version or above. It has more smart functionalities, but you need to install the VeryFitPro app on your phone to use these.

The smartwatch is like an all-time health assistant because it monitors heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen efficiently. However, the results are the only reference. Therefore, you shouldn’t use them for medical purposes.

To maintain your fitness, the watch offers nine different sports modes. It includes walking, running, hiking, cycling, treadmill, fitness, spinning, yoga, and mountaineering. Moreover, you can keep track of sleeping time and quality through this watch.

It informs the user about deep sleep and shallow sleep. Also, it has an alarm to wake you up without disturbing others. You can receive any notification and calls alert on the watch.

However, it doesn’t support answering calls or replying to messages. It helps the user to control music by play, pause, change the music tracks.

Benefits of the watch

  1. It works as a good health assistant.
  2. You can use it in the rain and swim.
  3. The vibration alarm wakes you up gently.
  4. Easy to charge with the magnetic charger.
  5. Keep updated with the incoming notifications and calls.
  6. Has stopwatch and timer as workout & training assistant.
  7. The soft strap feels comfortable.
  8. You can control the music without touching the phone.


  1. It doesn’t allow replying to texts or receiving calls.
  2. The blood pressure data doesn’t seem accurate.

Alternative (If any)

CanMixs Smart Watch for Android Phones iOS Waterproof Smart Watches is a perfect alternative as it features a fitness heart tracker. It has IP67 waterproofing certification. The charge on this watch lasts for seven to ten days.

2. YAMAY Smart Watch Compatible iPhone and Android Phones IP68

YAMAY Smart Watch Compatible iPhone and Android Phones IP68

Key features

  1. 1.28 inches 3D curved HD display.
  2. Aluminum alloy body frame construction.
  3. All-day heart rate monitor.
  4. 13 different sports modes.
  5. Automatic sleep tracking with a silent vibration alarm.
  6. IP68 waterproofing.
  7. Charges through magnetic charging system.
  8. Stopwatch and music control functions.
  9. Customized watch faces.
  10. Compatible with iOS or above and Android 5.0 or above.

What users say about the watch

The watch offers several watch faces to meet the need of the users. None of the users have found it tough to set up the time and use it. As it is a highly functional watch, it keeps track of the heart rate all 24 hours.

The lengthy battery life is another pleasing side of the watch as it serves for at least seven days on a single charge. Also, they can recharge it easily using the magnetic charger.

The step counter keeps track of how much you walk regularly. Moreover, the watch can wake up the user and keep track of the sleeping time efficiently. The vibration alarm is not disturbing for others.

Another lovable side of the watch is the text messages, email and notifications reading. However, it could have been awesome if the user could reply to these texts and answer the calls.

More details about the watch

It is an impressive smartwatch for those, who want something advance and functional on the wrist. It comes with a 3D curved touch screen display with HD colors. The display is 1.28 inches in diameter, and it has a changeable strap.

The manufacturer has added various watch faces here and lets you create personalized ones as well. The aluminum alloy body frame ensures durability. Moreover, it has IP68 waterproof certification to make it regular usable.

It is compatible with iOS 9.0 or above and Android 5.0 and above. Moreover, the watch shows the notifications of social media and calls when you connect it to the phone. However, it doesn’t support any reply or call receiving.

You will get 13 different sports trackers on the watch including yoga, running, walking, skipping, tennis, basketball, alpinism, cycling, baseball, football, rugby, badminton, and ping pong. It also keeps real-time track of different workout sessions.

Using the advanced HR sensor, it keeps track of 24-hour heart rate. Moreover, you can know workout time, distance, steps, and burned calories through the watch as well. It has automatic sleep tracking with a gentle vibration alarm.

It charges through a magnetic charging system and takes around 2.5 hours to get fully recharged. Once it is charged, it can work for seven to ten days. It also offers 30 days of standby.

Benefits of the watch

  1. It provides real-time stats during several workouts.
  2. Monitors heart rate all day long.
  3. The gentle vibration alarm awakes the user without disturbing others.
  4. You can make a personalized watch face.
  5. Usable in the rain and during swimming.
  6. Serves at least for seven days on a single charge.
  7. Play, pause, and change music.
  8. It receives calls and notification alerts.
  9. The brightness level is up to the mark.


  1. It doesn’t support text reply or call answering.
  2. The backlight only turns on when the watch is lifted.  

Alternative (If any)

You can take AGPTEK Smartwatch for Men Women IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker as an alternative to the listed watch. It has similar compatibility, charging time, waterproof protection, and HR sensor, etc. However, it allows controlling the camera of your smartphone.

3. YAMAY Fitness Tracker 2021 Version

YAMAY Fitness Tracker 2021 Version

Key features

  1. 1.05 inches full touch HD screen.
  2. Compatible with iOS 9.0 or above and android 4.4 or above.
  3. Built-in Amazon Alexa.
  4. Built-in blood oxygen monitor.
  5. Allows setting up to 10 alarm clocks.
  6. 14 sports modes and exercise trackers.
  7. Automatic sleep monitoring function.
  8. Music control with play, pause and skip functions.
  9. Waterproof protection of IP68.
  10. Internal charging port.

What users say about the watch

The watch provides you everything that you intended to get for the money. It has user-friendly functions with easy to operate. You can check the heart rate every 24 hours and know the heart condition.

The extra sports modes make a pace with the regular performances. The users don’t need to get into the phone to check messages or calls during work. The smartwatch keeps him updated all the time with the gentle notification vibration.

You don’t need to take off the watch while going into the water or walking on a rainy day or washing your hands. The waterproof protection makes it all time usable. However, the main complaint about this watch is the charge.

Although the manufacturer said that the charge will last for seven days minimum, users find it wrong. The majority of them need to charge the watch every three days.

More details about the watch

You can make your life smarter by adding this watch to your daily smart gadgets list as the watch has built-in Alexa. The watch has a clear viewing HD 1.05 inches screen. It has various watch faces to meet the users’ needs.

Also, you can personalize the watch face to bring more enhancements. Download the VeryFit app on your phone and connect it to the watch. The watch is compatible with Android version 4.4 or above and iOS version 9.0 or above.

Talking about fitness tracking, it has 24 hours heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring facilities. You can also check your stress level on the watch. All these things tell about the user’s health condition.

Moreover, it has 14 different sports and exercise modes including running, hiking, yoga, swimming, cycling, etc. It records the burned calories, duration of workout, speed, etc. things. However, you can also keep track of your sleeping time through the watch.

It offers a gentle vibrating alarm that wakes up the user without disturbing others. The vibrating feature comes in handy while informing about incoming calls and notifications. It doesn’t interrupt the working hours.

It has IP68 waterproof protection. Moreover, one can play, pause, and skip music through the music controlling function. There is a built-in USB plug with a metal pin available on the watch.

Benefits of the watch

  1. Allows controlling smart home with the built-in Alexa.
  2. Keeps track of 24 hours heart rate.
  3. Users can use personalized watch faces.
  4. The waterproof protection makes it all time usable.
  5. Silent, but vibrating alarm doesn’t disturb anybody around the user.
  6. It notifies about the calls and notifications.
  7. You can control the music here.
  8. Easy to charge without requiring any charging cable.


  1. The charge doesn’t last for more than three days.
  2. You can reply to messages or answer calls here.

Alternative (If any)

You can also choose WYZE Band Fitness Tracker with Alexa Built-in instead of the listed watch. It has every feature you need to have on a fitness tracker smartwatch. But the good side is that it works for 10 to 14 days on a single charge.

4. YAMAY Fitness Tracker IP68 Waterproof, Fitness Watch for Men Women

Key features

  1. Automatic heart rate monitor.
  2. Compatible with iOS 8.0 or above and Android 4.4 and above.
  3. 14 sports and exercises modes.
  4. Manually monitors blood pressure.
  5. IP68 waterproof protection.
  6. Shows calls and notifications.
  7. Takes two hours to get fully charged.
  8. 24 hours automatic sleep tracker.
  9. Built-in charging USB.
  10. Remote control camera feature.

What users say about the watch

Users have got all the necessary fitness tracker apps on the watch arranged. It automatically monitors the blood pressure and heart rate allowing one to know the health condition. Also, the sleep tracker is handy to inform sleeping status.

Officials loved the vibrating notification setting as it doesn’t create any disturbing noise. Also, the users don’t need to take out the smartphone, again and again, to check out the notifications.

With the built-in USB cable, they have made the whole charging process hassle-free. And the long-lasting charge keeping for seven days enhances the performance.

More details about the watch

The watch comes with a touchscreen display that has IP68 waterproof protection. According to the manufacturer, it is compatible with iOS 8.0 or above and android 4.4 or above. There is a built-in USB charging cable in the watch.

Therefore, it requires no extra adapter to recharge. It takes around 2 hours to recharge it. On one recharge, it can serve for seven-plus hours. Moreover, you will have 30 days of standby time on the watch.

It is equipped with 14 different sports and exercise modes. The modes are walking, running, cycling, treadmill, hiking, working out, basketball, badminton, tennis, football, climbing, spinning, yoga, and dancing. It tracks the steps, traveling distance, and burned calories.

It also has automatic heart rate and blood pressure monitoring. There is another automatic sleep tracking mode that provides continuous sleeping status to the user. However, it only tracks the sleeping status when it is more than 3 hours.

Benefits of the watch

  1. It provides a real-time heart rating on the watch display.
  2. It receives notifications of messages and calls.
  3. Shows data of 24 hours regarding sleeping.
  4. It is usable in rain and swimming due to the waterproofing protection.
  5. Quick and easy setup process.
  6. The battery life is lengthier.
  7. It is easy to recharge through the built-in USB port.


  1. The display isn’t bright enough to have a clear view under the sun.
  2. You can’t delete any data here.

How to choose a YAMAY smartwatch

If you have already read what each of the listed watches offers, you are almost ready to purchase one from the list. However, there are few crucial things that every buyer needs to check out before deciding which one to buy and which one not to.

  1. A clear viewing HD screen is a must.
  2. IP68 protection makes the watch highly waterproof.
  3. The battery should at least last for seven days.
  4. Automatic heart rate tracking.
  5. Automatic sleep tracker with wake-up vibration.
  6. It should notify about the notifications and calls on the connected device.
  7. Different sports and exercise modes are necessary.
  8. Easy to set up and use.

These are some common and crucial things that one YAMAY smartwatch must have. You can only find the functions useful when it has a clear display. However, it can come in useful day-to-day life when it is waterproof.

Also, you won’t like recharging the battery again and again. It would be awesome if the watch doesn’t require any additional cable for charging. The inclusion of sports and exercise modes keeps pace with the daily work.

Moreover, you can get notified through a gentle vibration on the watch that is interruption-free. The vibration comes in handy for waking you up.

What’s the price of YAMAY smartwatches

The average cost of YAMAY smartwatches ranges from $30 to $45. There’s not much difference between the specs and functionalities of these watches. Moreover, they are regarded as affordable smartwatches available in the market.


How to get texts and calls on YAMAY smartwatches?

You need to install the VeryFitPro app on your smartphone and connect it to the smartwatch. This will continuously notify you about texts and calls through a gentle vibration.

Do YAMAY smartwatches allow answering calls?

Nope, YAMAY smartwatches don’t allow answering calls, which is one of the downgrades of the watches. Moreover, you can’t even reply to the texts or notifications coming on the connected device.

Are smartwatches from YAMAY accurate?

Yes, the automatic heart rate function, blood pressure, other functions are accurate. However, you should use the data for medical purposes as these are only reference data.

Does YAMAY smartwatch monitor blood pressure?

Yes, YAMAY smartwatch monitor blood pressure all 24 hours of a day efficiently to keep your updated about the health condition.

Are YAMAY smartwatches waterproof?

The manufacturer uses IP68 waterproof protection to make the YAMAY smartwatches waterproof. Therefore, you can use it in rainy conditions, while washing your hands and swimming.

Final words

Don’t think too much about the functionalities of these watches. What they offer in this price range is more than enough.

  1. IP68 waterproofing certification.
  2. Automatic heart rate.
  3. Keeps track of 24 hours of sleep.
  4. The charge stays for seven days or more.
  5. Notifies about the messages and calls.

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